Pebble Watch

By | March 2, 2015


I waited with bated breath as Tim Cook rolled up his sleeve.  Ahhh! The iWatch.  I mean Apple watch.  You can send your heartbeat?  I want that.  You can draw somebody a picture?  I want that.  Control music?  Voice commands?  Health and fitness tracking?  Yes, please!  $350?  Well … maybe … um, what else is out there?

It seemed pretty clear that I would not be getting an Apple watch but I continued to be fascinated by wearables.  To my surprise, the options are pretty limited.  If you rock iOS like I do, your choices are drastically reduced.  I check out a bunch.  I did my research and I landed on two:  The original Pebble and the Vivofit.  The Vivofit never made it out of the box.

Is the Pebble attractive?  Nope.  It’s quite ugly actually.  Can it do a bunch of amazing things?  Nope.  It’s quite limited actually.  Does it have a killer app?  Nope.  The apps are pretty pedestrian without having a must-have component.  Why do I like the Pebble?  Why have I barely taken it off over the last four months?  I’m not really sure.

From the beginning, I was completely blown away by the Pebble.  As mentioned, it’s not flashy or beautiful, but somehow, that doesn’t matter.  The Pebble does exactly what I wanted it to do.  It controls my music.  It gets my notifications.  It tracks my steps and sleep.  It tells time.  The Runkeeper app was only a bonus as this is my go-to running app.

The Pebble is known for its week long battery life and its always-readable e-paper display, but these weren’t the biggest selling points to me.  The thing that really pushes the Pebble from background to foreground is the weight.  Coming in at 38g (that’s 38 paper clips if you remember your high school science days), the Pebble is so light you really forget that it is there.  That is, you forget its there until you want it to be there and there it is.

I’m at work and a grossly inappropriate song comes on, skip it.  My phone is charging in the other room when a text comes in, view it.  I wonder how many steps I take in a Insanity workout, check it.  I don’t know what time it is, look at my wrist.


The Pebble integrated nicely into my life.  I shower with it.  Swim with it.  Workout with it.  It needs an hour charge every 5 days.  It doesn’t smell bad or make my wrist break out in a rash.  Did I mention the price?  At $100, the Pebble is a full $250 less than the mythical Apple watch.  The same watch that we still know little about.  Sometimes, a bird on your wrist is worth two in the bush.  Maybe things will change when the Apple watch comes out of the bush.  For now,  the Pebble is the light weight, affordably priced wearable for me.

Comsume. Reivew. Repeat. EP rating: Seven Cupertinos out of 10.

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