The Walking Dead #137

By | March 11, 2015


The Walking Dead is one of my favorite comics of all time because it keeps you guessing. While reading it, I will find myself going, “Holy crap, I can’t believe that just happened!” Then I’ll turn the page and be like, “Holy *BLEEP*, I can’t believe THAT just happened!” You just don’t know what horror is lurking on the next page.

If you haven’t been reading the latest story arc let me bring you up to speed. Our survivors have encountered a group of people that wear walker skin in order to travel freely without incident. The community, that Carl Grimes is a part of, captures one of the skin-wearers and it’s a girl. It’s a girl that Carl is starting to fall for (awe young love). While that’s going on, Maggie Greene is trying to settle a dispute between her and another lady.

Most of the issue is dedicated to the relationship between Carl and Lydia – that’s the name of the girl who wears the skin of the dead. At first, I was questioning why Carl would think it’s a good idea to get close to Lydia, but then I remembered – it’s the apocalypse – normal dating rules don’t apply. Carl has grown up in a world where it’s normal to see dead people walking around; therefore, someone wearing walker skin in order to survive isn’t that crazy – it’s ingenious. Make no mistake, Carl is attracted to Lydia and definitely has his eye on her.

While the romance between Carl and Lydia is brewing, Maggie is trying to gain control over some of the community members that have it out for her. Specifically, a mom who thinks that Carl should have received a more severe punishment for beating up her son. My wife works in the public school system and almost ever day she has a story about some parent who thinks their child is the greatest and can do no wrong. These type of parents are the worst, unfortunately, they survive the zombie apocalypse.

Now, here comes the, “Oh *BLEEP*!” moments. On page 19 we see that one of the community members has pulled the old I-spiked-you’re-drink-now-you’re-going-to-die trick on Maggie. Poor Maggie. On page 20 Carl and Lydia are having a touching moment where Lydia tells Carl that the hole in Carl’s head isn’t “gross.” Then you turn the page…and on page 21 Lydia tells Carl that his hole is “sexy” as she proceeds to…tongue it! WHAT?! I won’t lie, I threw up a little when I read that, but that’s Kirkman – you never know what’s going to be on the next page.


Is Maggie dead? Maybe. Is Carl getting his freak on with Lydia? Looks like it. All-in-all this was a solid issue. Consume. Review. Repeat. gives this issue a nine out of ten licks to the eye socket.

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