Chrononauts #1

By | March 21, 2015


What is Chrononauts? Hmmm, it’s like Punk Rock Jesus meets Back to the Future. In other words, it’s pure gold.

If you are not familiar with the work of Mark Millar (Superman: Red Son, Civil War, Wanted, Kick Ass, Jupiter’s Legacy, I could go on and on) then you must be a hermit. Wait – do hermits even use the Internet, or the technology to access the Internet? Never mind, let’s just move this review along by saying that if you’re not familiar with Mr. Millar’s work – you should be.

The owner of the comic book shop I go to got me hooked on the art of Sean Murphy. This guy is pure talent – the Michael Jordan of comic book artists. He’s got a style that is so unique that it can’t be replicated. I remember reading his comic, Punk Rock Jesus, and being like, “This dude can draw! THIS DUDE CAN DRAW!” Hold on, I’ll be right back. Ok, I’m back and just got done setting up my very own Sean Murphy fan page. You can check it out here:

What’s great about Chrononauts is that Millar tells an interesting, fast-paced story that spotlights Murphy’s artistic abilities. I believe this is the first time these two have worked together and it’s a marriage made in heaven. Just look at this double page spread!


Speaking of heaven – let me tell you what this series is all about (boy, that was a terrible transition). Two scientists, Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly, are finding modern technology like aircrafts and motorbikes in ancient temples around the world.

chrononauts_01_02_colThese discoveries lead them to believe that time travel is a possibility. They end up creating a satellite with a live streaming camera on it and send it back in time. The satellite beams back a live feed of the Civil War. Pretty cool, right? Well, they don’t stop there. Eighteen months later, they are able to create a way to beam humans back in time. Even cooler! That is until there is a problem when Corbin test drives the human-back-in-time-technology and ends up getting bounced around in time. (He must not have configured the flux capacitor correctly.) The issue ends in dramatic fashion as Danny goes chasing after his friend – kind of like Marty chasing after Doc Brown in Back to the Future III.

I will definitely be picking up issue #2. Thank you Mr. Millar and Mr. Murphy for an enjoyable read. Consume. Review. Repeat. gives Chrononauts #1 eight out of 10 time-traveling-telephone-booths. Didn’t see that Bill and Ted reference coming did ya?

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