Star Wars #3

By | April 5, 2015


Star Wars has been good, but not great. I couldn’t help but wonder why. Here are a few of the reasons that popped into my head as to why: 1) It’s a popular property and therefore it’s hard to please everyone 2) the art has been just ok, and 3) the stories haven’t added anything new, or exciting to the property.

Issue #3 stumbled along as we got more of the same – Luke and company fighting to get off Cymoon 1. The issue was as action packed as issue #2, but two issue of just action starts to get old. Not only does it get old, it’s hard to write a review about. As expected, Luke and company escape from Vader in the nick of time wrapping up the storyline.

What intrigued me about this issue were the last two pages of the issue. We see a speeder racing across the Dune Sea of Tatooine. The two aliens in the speeder pass by a dwelling and comment that the occupant of it is a “crazy old wizard” – Ken Kenobi of course. We are then taken inside the dwelling and the see a box that has somethin weird writing on it – Tatooine language, maybe? The caption of the panel tells us that the writing says, “For Luke.” Hmmm what could that be? I have no idea, and with that, the issue ends.

It’s too bad that the issue doesn’t begin to get interesting until the last two pages of the issue, but at least it gets interesting. Let’s just hope some reference to Jar Jar Binks or Episodes I-III aren’t in the box. Here’s my prediction for the next issue: something bad is going to happen to Luke and in classic Se7en fashion Luke is going to scream, “What’s in the boxxxxx? What’s in the box?!”

Consume. Review. Repeat. gives Star Wars #3 seven out of ten “Me-so-hopesa-this-series-picksa-upa.”

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