The Walking Dead #139

By | April 10, 2015

The Walking Dead 139cover

Kirkman you are the master of mind-screws, you know that? But that’s what I like about you – you always keep me guessing.

This issue opens up with a bunch of zombies getting hacked up with a sword. You don’t see who’s wielding the sword, but who else could it be but Michonne, right? Wrong. It’s Ezekiel. Turns out Easy-E (I’m just making up nicknames as I go along) has been practicing the fine art of sword wielding. But not just with any sword – he’s using the sword that Michonne left behind when she mysteriously disappeared.

Rick ends up meeting with Ezekiel and they begin talking about trade negotiations. Yeah, it was as exciting as it sounds – just as exciting as when Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn did the same in Star Wars Episode I. ZZZZZZ

Things pick up though, a sailboat comes pulling into the dock where Rick and Ezekiel are, and off the boat walks MICHONNE looking like someone from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Turns out Michonne has been fishing and that’s why we haven’t seen her for so many issues.

The Walking Dead 139

Michonne explains that she left unannounced because she was feeling guilty about being happy with Ezekiel. She goes on to say that she didn’t believe that she should get a do-over whenever her daughters probably didn’t get that same chance, and are most likely dead. Bummer.

What’s not a bummer is that Carl is taken in by the Whispers after they find him following them.

This issue was pretty much a fan pleaser. For the last ten to fifteen letter columns the fans have been asking where Mix Master Michonne and Easy-E have been. Who cares people? The issues have been good without them, but no you had to know. So we end up getting this mediocre story that takes us away from a great one that was developing the last few issues. I hope you’re happy. Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Walking Dead #139 a six out of ten pirate ARGGGGHHHS!

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