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By | April 16, 2015


What’s better: having a father that is a two-bite boxer loosely connected to the mob or having a dad that is a wannabe big shot loosely connected to the mob?  Having trouble deciding?  What if after your dad the boxer died, you got to hang out with a blind dude named Stick that was constantly training you to be a soldier in a war?  What if Stick kept details about the war super vague?

Episodes 7 and 8 of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix should have been combined into a single 2-hour long episode called “Daddy Issues.”

Flashbacks from previous episodes did a thorough job in detailing the needed information about Matt Murdock and “Battling” Jack.  Episode 7 gave us a look into Matt’s world following the death of his dad and dealing with the overwhelming nature of his growing sensory perceptions.  As he lays in his orphan’s bed, he screams to drown out the sounds.  The scene was interesting, but let’s face it, it is something we’ve seen before.  Most recently, we saw a boy in Smallville, KS trying to hone his skills in The Man of Steel.  Out of nowhere, Stick comes waltzing in to teach Matty how to harness his skills.  Stick has an agenda, but I’ll be damned if I know what it is.  Did Stick lose his mind at some point?  Did Stick ever have a mind?  Is Stick played by Lenard Nimoy?  Didn’t he die?  So many questions, so few answers.


Episode 7 mostly felt like a throw away episode to me.  It introduced a larger crime world that is operating on a transcontinental level, but we only received questions.  Why is this little kid chained up in a cargo container, and if he is so powerful/ valuable, how could he be killed by a blind man’s arrow?  QUESTIONS!!  Later, I will likely appreciate this episode, but I’m in an instant gratification binge, I cannot wait for time to pass.


Part 2 of “Daddy Issues” focused on Wilson Fisk’s backstory, and what a back story it is.  We actually see our first glimpse of little Willy as big Willy is going through his super-OCD morning routine.  It looks a bit like this:  Wake up from a nightmare, cook a two-egg omelet, get your baguette on your bread plate, sprinkle a pinch of salt and a dash of fresh chives and dig in.  Oh, and don’t forget to crazily pull up the left sleeve of your obnoxious kimono/bathrobe so you don’t touch your eggs with it.  While digesting, stroll down your closet to pick out a blackish suit with a blackish shirt and some ugly cufflinks.  Finish off by looking in the mirror to see a blood-spattered cubby kid.  I thought momentarily that it could be a young Foggy, but it was a different kind of chubby.


In flashbacks, Mr. Fisk is a douchy, wife-beating hothead that clearly makes impulsive choices with poor odds of victory.  About the same odds of him winning the city election, 0.  He teaches Wilson that he is worthless and the subtleties of kicking a man while he’s down.  You know, father and son stuff.  The child-rearing fails when, after sitting Willy in front of a white, textured wall (Think Hare in a Snow Storm) to think about his future, dad beats that crap out of mom for getting mouthy (Is that insensitive?).  Wilson decides quickly what his future holds as he creams his dad with the business end of a claw hammer and proceeds to smash his skull repeatedly.  To my recollection, we have only seen Fisk two people to this point:  Russian brother number 1 and dear-old dad – both had their skulls broken into a billion bits.


We flash to the present to see Wilson imparting this story to Vanessa.  She reacts with a fairly inappropriate amount of arousal.  She breaks his morning routine by getting busy and we assume that she is part of his decision to go public just as Ben was going to break the story conceived by Daredevil in a rainy alley.

After 8 episodes, it appears that it’s better to have killed your dad with a hammer rather than him being killed by mobsters.  Even with Stick’s training, Murdock can’t compete with the power or pathology of Fisk.


Consume.Review.Repeat. rates episodes 7 and 8 of Marvel’s Daredevil 8.5 meatball subs with extra syringes out of 10.

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