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By | April 18, 2015


The official Batman VS Superman teaser trailer was released the other night; about a day after the leaked version hit the net. When I initially saw the leaked version, I theorized that it was a fake for various reasons (you can read about that here if you are so inclined). Obviously, the leaked version we saw is the real deal. After seeing the trailer in HD instead of FD (Fuzzy Definition), my opinion of the trailer/movie changed, slightly.

I no longer think that the trailer “sucks” as I did before. My opinion changed because it’s a teaser trailer, not a full blown trailer. Teaser trailers are usually underwhelming and this one followed suit. It’s not a bad trailer, it’s not good trailer, it’s an ok trailer. 

I thought about why this trailer didn’t wow me and I think it’s the selection of scenes. They are all dark, shadowy, and brooding. Now I know that the WB wants its superhero movies to be edgier based on interviews given by the higher-ups there, but I’m not sure that is what the audience wants. Look at how the Internet reacted to the new Star Wars trailer. People can’t stop praising it and its not because its edgier, or because it was shot in a black hole. It’s because it balanced seriousness and fun – Something that the Marvel movies have been able to do, but not the DC movies. Was I the only one that got depressed after watching it?

Although the trailer didn’t totally sell me on the movie, there were some things that looked interesting.

1. The soundtrack is amazing – just take a listen to this:

Ok, ok in all serious here is what looks cool:

1. A statue of Sups has been erected – probably for leveling half of Metropolis in Man of Steel – I mean saving it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 10.49.28 PM

What’s odd is that the statue is behind the Chicago skyline. Wasn’t the Gotham of the Nolan trilogy set in Chicago, except for the third installment? I’m guessing that this statue would be erected in Metropolis and not Gotham, right? By this small detail, it would appear that the Nolan trilogy does not have an influence in this movie, but who knows maybe the Batman of the Nolan movies is the Batman of this movie – I haven’t heard one way or the other.

2. At one point in the trailer we hear the chant, “Go Home, go home!” And then the trailer cuts to a this:

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 11.00.22 PM

Awe, poor Supes, nobody likes him. Although depressing, this is something we haven’t seen done yet so I’d like to see how it plays out.

3. Not everyone hates the Boy Scout. Looks like he has a following of armed soldiers that like to kneel whenever they see him. Is that an S patch on their shoulders?

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 10.40.09 PM

4. Who is the villain in this movie besides Lex? The Riddler? Take a look to the left and there you see the classic question mark of the baddie.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 10.41.37 PM

5. Batman might be using drones to do his dirty work like in the Kingdom Comic comic.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 10.43.44 PM


6. Also from the comics, Batman is rocking a sniper rifle like in The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel. Does this mean he takes a shot at Supes with a Kryptonite bullet? I hope not. And what about the suit of armor, how cool was that? Yet another nod to The Dark Knight Returns.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 10.45.37 PM

the-dark-knight-returns-frank-miller-6946999-384-584                  batman-superman


7. Batman looks like he’s in beast mode, and his voice is too.


I seriously hope this movie is good. Consume. Review. Repeat. gives the Batman vs Superman teaser trailer a seven out of 10 brooding Bruce Waynes.

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