Crisis on Infinite Earths #2

By | June 5, 2015


When we last left our heroes, they were on the Monitor’s satellite trying to piece together what was going on. Issue #2 doesn’t pick back up at that moment; instead the issue begins during the “dawn of man.” Anthro, a cave-like man, saves his village from a mammoth stampede, and as the villagers celebrate, the mammoths mysteriously disappear. WHAT HORROR! It’s revealed that the mammoths time-traveled to the futuristic thirteenth century patrolled by the Legion of Super-heroes, only to disappear again to place unknown. GASP!

Subsequently, a very ‘80s battle between Batman of Earth-1 and the Joker plays out with multiple bad puns. I forgot just how silly the Joker was written back then and how often Batman fell for the old substance-in-the-boutonniere routine. As the Joker squirts Batman with some kind of sticky substance, he quips, “Gummed up your works, Batman? Getting old, stiff joints?” OY VEY!


The fight is quickly broken up by the Flash who appears out of some kind of vortex mumbling about the world dying. Before Batman can figure out what’s going on, the Flash disintegrates. Back on the Monitor’s satellite, the Monitor explains to our heroes that he is linked to all positive matter and that Anti-Monitor is not. As the Anti-Monitor destroys the Multiverse the Anti-Monitor grows stronger while the Monitor grows weaker. Our heroes decide to assist the Monitor by protecting towers that the Monitor has positioned throughout the Multiverse to prevent the advancement of the Anti-Monitor.

Batman and Superman of Earth-1 meet to discuss what the Flash said but suddenly their meeting is interrupted by Pariah. Pariah explains that he needs them and that Multiverse is dying. Then, in dramatic comic book fashion, he disappears.

Some of shadow figures last seen in issue #1 appear out of a tower being protected by some of our heroes and the Anti-Monitor captures the Psycho-Pirate for his use. (Insert evil laugh here).

At the conclusion of the issue, Harbinger (who was possessed by a shadow figure and is secretly working for the Anti-Monitor) is having a crisis on consciousness. The Monitor seems to know this and during on of his expositions indicates that the Multiverse can be saved with the help of Harbinger, Alex Luther from Earth-3, Pariah, and his band of recruited heroes. Only if, Harbinger can resist the Anti-Monitor! Consume. Review. Repeat. gives Crisis #2 a seven out of ten Joker puns.

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