TWD #145

By | August 18, 2015


This issue mainly dealt with the fallout of the events of issue #144. Kirkman toned back the throttle in this issue and gave us a chance to catch our breath. He wanted us to ponder what’s to come, and I did. What’s to come is going to be a shit storm, for sure. I have a feeling that issue #150 is going to be epic.

As much as I enjoy reading TWD, there are some plot points I could care less about. The Michonne/Ezekiel romance being one of those plot points. But leave it to Kirkman and Adlard, those genius bastards, to make me care about the death of Ezekiel as we witness Michonne’s reaction to it all in this issue. Is it just me, or is Adlard drawing Michonne more like Danai Gurira, the actress who plays her on the TV show? Regardless, Adlard has to be commended for yet again drawing the hell out of an emotional issue. Yes, he’s great at illustrating flying heads (no one does it better), but he can capture emotions that make you feel something as well. I just can’t praise his art enough.

I tip my hat to Kirkman as well because the dude is twist-the-knife-in-your-back twisted in this issue. It’s not bad enough that Michonne sees Ezekiel’s head on a spike; Kirkman has to have Ezekiel’s severed head (now zombie-fied) try and mouth something to Michonne. Easy-E was probably trying to mouth “brains” but we will never know because Michonne puts him down with a knife to the skull. Kirkman, you’re ruthless.

What happened in the last issue now leaves Rick in a tough spot. Does he go after Alpha and her group? Or does he stay passive, respecting the border Alpha lined with the heads of the people Rick has been trying to protect? Things are certainly going to get interesting.

My hat…er…my head off to Kirkman and Adlard for another great issue of TWD. Consume. Review. Repeat. give TWD #145 an 8 out of 10 severed heads.

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