PNC Park Pulled Pork Nachos

By | September 27, 2015


Don’t be fooled. Whether you traverse the Clemente Bridge or meander through the North Shore before you gaze upon the beauty of PNC Park, don’t be fooled into a poor food choice. Of course, the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates has the classics. Hot dogs, peanuts, cracker jacks are available in abundance, but don’t be fooled.

Some will be lured by the siren song of a Primanti’s sandwich. You know, the ones featured during every nationally televised Steeler game with the fries and coleslaw piled on top. Certainly, those are delicious, but you’d be better off walkin’ dun tha strip (Translated into “Walking down to the strip district location” for those who don’t speak Pittsburghese.) after the game to get the authentic experience.

Still others will opt for the jumbo bucket of Quaker Steak and Lube’s Louisiana Lickers. Though these are awesomely-tangy morsels of protein, the idea of eating sticky chicken wings during a sporting event never appealed to me. Don’t be fooled.

Instead, head down the third base line to the promise land. Amidst a bevy of flashier, more interesting food choices there is the Familee Bar-B-Que. They will be the ones heavily advertising the pulled pork and pierogi sandwich. Looks kinda gross and seems kinda overpriced.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 8.47.32 PM

Look past this and read down the menu to: Bar-B-Q pulled pork nachos; a dish so nice they don’t even list it on their online menu. Somehow, in a very inconspicuous way, this ballpark item combines many of my favorites into one reasonably priced item.

The line moved slowly before my first order, or maybe time was being distorted by the level of my salivation. This added time was not only building the anticipation, it was also adding to my observational skills. Seeing multiple orders ahead of mine gave me a better understanding of what I was looking at and information that I would use for my order.

Here I was. I made it to the front of the line, and even though it was my first time, the words flowed from my mouth like a man with experience. “Pulled pork nachos. Easy on the cheese, please.” My inspection of the previous orders showed me one thing: too much cheese. You know what happens when too much of the yellow gold is poured directly onto the chips – sogginess that can ruin your day.

The food foreplay began as I watched the hot-and-bothered (not in the good way) woman round up the ingredients to create this made-to-order masterpiece. Heaping pile of corn chips. A ladle of nacho cheese spilled onto the stack as I nodded in approval to my partner, letting her know that less is sometimes more. Pulled pork with a squirt of sweet sauce. Mmmmm delicisousness. I exchanged a $10 bill for the pleasure, and since there wasn’t a nightstand around, I just handed her the money.

Needless to say, my dish turned some heads on the trip back to my seat, but there was no way someone was going to slow me down or steal a chip. This was all mine. And it was so good.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives PNC Park’s pulled pork nachos 9.8 soiled napkins out of 10.

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