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By | November 29, 2015


I’ve had bad experiences buying comics from local comic book shops. I can remember walking into one place that smelled of cigarette smoke. REALLY? Why smoke in your shop and destroy the merchandise you are trying to sell? Not only have my bad experiences occurred in person, but online as well. I’ve bought comics from various online retailers and through the delivery process the comics were ripped, crunched, etc. because the retailer did not correctly protect them. What a waste.

While listening to the comic book podcast 11 O’clock Comics I found out about Discount Comic Book Services (DCBS). At first I was leery about purchasing from another online retailer, but the deep discounts offered by  DCBS off-set my initial concerns. The majority of the comics and trade paper backs are 40% off. That’s a huge savings.

Most comics retail at $3.99 a piece. To me, that’s expensive because I remember buying comics for $1.25 (yes, I’m old). I remember my dad telling me that he thought the comics I was buying were expensive because he bought comics for $0.25-$0.50 a piece. When my 2 year-old son grows up, comics are probably going to be $8.00 a piece (I shudder at the thought), and I’m sure I’m going to tell him stories of how much comics were when I bought them. Ah, the circle of life.

Yes, comics are expensive, but to the rescue is DCBS. The comics are reduced by 40% so instead of paying $3.99 you are paying $2.39. The $2.39 price tag is close to what comics cost in 1995 according to Comichron. How amazing is that?

DCBS does an excellent job of making it easy to find what you want. What  I love best is that I can create a pull list that identifies the titles I usually buy. Each month when I log in, I immediately go to my pull list and hit search. DCBS then pulls all the titles that match my list making it easier than searching for each title every month. Something to keep in mind when you are ordering is that you are buying titles that won’t be released for approximately two months later.

I was hesitant to use the service because I wasn’t sure when I would get my titles. Surprisingly, the titles come approximately two to three days after they are available at your local comic book shop. This past Wednesday, November 25, 2015, Dark Knight III was available for purchase at direct markets. My order of the comic came on Friday or Saturday (I’m not sure cause I wasn’t home for the holiday). Regardless, I can wait a few days if I am going to save 40% on the cover price.

Something to keep in mind is that shipping is a flat rate of about $7.00 so you want to make sure you have a decent amount you want to buy in order to realize a savings. I like to order at least two comics and a trade in order to realize a savings. I live in Pennsylvania and so far I haven’t had to pay taxes on my orders which is a nice bonus.

What’s also nice is that DCBS does a great job packaging its products so that you don’t end up with a comic that looks like a beat up newspaper.


Inside an oversized cardboard covering is a sleeve where the comics are placed for additional protection.


DCBS doesn’t stop there though, they seal the comics in plastic bag and place a board or two in with the comics to make sure they are protected to the max.

CRR gives Discount Comic Book Services a 10 out of 10 mint condition comics.


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