Jessica Jones Ep. 2

By | December 1, 2015


Jessica Jones (JJ) does not feel like a superhero TV show like Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., etc. Instead, it feels more like a supernatural TV show. I find the tone of JJ to be refreshing because it finds a way of balancing grounded themes with a touch of superhero elements. The slow burn of the show may discourage some, but I don’t mind a (hopefully) well thought out plot.

In this episode, the relationship between Killgrave and JJ is explored a bit more in flashbacks. Turns out that JJ was able to escape Killgrave’s lure whenever a bus hit Killgrave; which resulted in JJ believing that Killgrave…was killed…and buried in a grave (see what I did there). Why Killgrave had (and still has) an interest in JJ is not known. It can only be assumed that it is due to JJ’s abilities.

Additionally, this episode continued to lay the groundwork of the complicated friendship between JJ and, now confirmed through the events of this episode, Luke Cage. I like how Cage is portrayed in this series although it is a bit one-dimensional. I’d like to know why Cage is an always pissed off bartender.

This episode did not move the overall story thus far, but it gave us tidbits of information to make us hungry for more answers. By far, the most compelling part of the episode was the ending when Killgrave pays a visit to an unsuspecting family; the dude is no joke.

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