Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoiler Free Review

By | December 18, 2015


As I write this I am standing in line waiting for the most anticipated movie in recent history, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I’m surrounded by a sea of loyalists clad in their favorite Star Wars graphic tee. Everyone is exceptionally excited (especially that couple on the right in the photo above), except for my CCR compadre who is ready to take a nap.


To be fair, he’s just as excited as I am, but he’s battling a stomach bug.

We’ve just taken our seats and it’s hotter than the inside of a Tauntaun. The theater is packed, but not to full capacity. It’s two minutes past the 10:30 start time and still no sign that the…wait…the lights are going down. Here we go.

Ok, right now it’s 2:00am. I just got home and I’m way too excited to fall asleep. So here goes my spoiler free review.

This film is a testament to how good a Star Wars film can be under the right direction. It took the beats of Episodes 4-6 and combined them into a fun-filled, adventurous, joy ride. Where Episodes 1-3 were void of the feel of what a Star Wars films are all about, this film overflowed with it (flowed over, it did). It did not disappoint, and it could have easily happened.

There were a few minor things that caught my attention that I didn’t necessarily like, but nothing that hurt my overall enjoyment of the film. The film is a fun, butter-soaked, popcorn flick that doesn’t stop. At no point did I think that something happened out of character or there was too much fanfare. I believe that the right amount of fanfare was in this film and that it was much needed after the disappoint that was the prequels.

What tied all the special effects and imaginative designs together was the acting. There was chemistry between the actors, a range of emotions played by the characters, and the dialog was delivered without feeling wooden.

This is a must see movie if you are a Star Wars fan, and I think that enough new was in this movie to make it enjoyable for those who never saw a Star Wars film. That being said, the overall movie is directed at the fans. I don’t think that it tried to build a new fan base with this movie, but rather, reward us fans who felt like they were digested over a millennia in the belly of a Sarlacc when watching the prequels.


CRR gives Star Wars: TFA a nine out of ten galaxies far…far away.

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