Top Ten Netflix Shows of 2015

By | January 2, 2016


Although the music of 2015 wasn’t as memorable as other years, Netflix produced some noteworthy shows in 2015 that made us laugh, “chill”, and helped us entertain our children (that allowed us some free time to blog). Here is our list of the Top Ten shows Netflix streamed in 2015.


  1. A Very Murray Christmas: Watching Bill Murray sing Christmas carols with Miley Cyrus was something I never thought I’d see, but thanks to the powers that be, it happened, and it was weirdly magical.


  1. Wet Hot American Summer – Season 1: There is something to be said about a show that has several A-list actors perform silly, SNL-like characters. Bradley Cooper prancing around on stage as a performer at the direction of Mad Men alumni, John Slattery, was just the best. And who doesn’t want to relive the horrible times they had at summer camp in the 1980s?


  1. Orange is the New Black – Season 3: Things got a bit ridiculous this season, but the show delivered a roller coaster of a ride, as always.


  1. Narcos – Season 1: Do yourself a favor and check out the Golden Globe nominee for best drama. Great acting combined with an intense story is something you won’t see on CSI: Alaska, or NYPD Black & Blue.


  1. Puffin Rock – Season 1: So you’re pushing some work deadlines and your child is a bit on edge making it difficult to work from home. You’re looking for a way to entertain your child without ratcheting up their intensity. Let me suggest you flip on some talking birds like to explore the world around them without throwing fits, screaming, or being obnoxious. It’s basically everything that Caillou is not.


  1. Jessica Jones – Season 1: It’s a slow burn kind of a show, but it delivers some interesting storylines. It’s a superhero show without being a superhero show…if that makes sense. Think the movie Unbreakable and you’d be close to the feel of the show.


  1. House of Cards – Season 3: Frank Underwood is back, and even though some of the episodes got a little convoluted, Kevin Spacey delivered some intense performances which furthered our hatred of Mr. F.U.


  1. Daredevil – Season 1: It was way, way better than the movie, ‘nuff said.


  1. Bloodlines – Season 1: The hype behind this series is legit. Most dramas are about who done it making us try and figure out who committed the crime. This series turns that idea on its head and shows us who did it leaving us trying to figure out why.


  1. Making a Murderer: By far, the craziest show I’ve watched all year. Words cannot explain the ups and downs this show delivers as you watch a documentary about a guy with was wrongfully accused of committing not one, but possibly two crimes. I seriously got chills while watching this show, it’s that good.
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