BROFORCE: Bro on Bro Action

By | March 10, 2016


Bro…Bro-Dude…my Broness. If you haven’t downloaded BROFORCE for your gaming console yet, what are you waiting for my Bro-Man? Right now, you can get this $14.99 game for free if you have Playstation Plus – that’s like getting a month of online gaming for free. If that’s not incentive enough, this highly addictive game is basically a what if Super-Mario Bros. and Contra had a baby, but instead of feeding it milk, they juiced it full of steroids and made it watch every action movie of the ‘80s and ‘90s. In other words, it’s the NES game version of the movie The Exterminators.

The mission of the game is clear: mow through as many enemies as possible with machine guns, rocket launchers, dynamite, you name it, in order to raise the American flag at the end of each level. As the American flag is raised, a helicopter whisks you away to safety as everything below you gets nuked into oblivion. Get to DA CHOPPA!


It’s kind of like the end of each Super Mario Bros. level, but instead of fireworks going off as the flag is raised, a napalm strike hits Bowser turning him into Kentucky fried chicken. Ah, the smell of napalm in the morning.

What makes this game a blast, as well as, challenging is that as you proceed through the levels you can choose to rescue your POW Bros that you find along the way. When you do, you’ll turn into the Bro you saved. Each Bro has a unique twist on a classic action hero. You may begin a level as BROBOCOP armed with a machine pistol that fires rapidly but lacks distance, but then change into BROMMANDO armed with a slow firing but long-range rocket launcher. From what I can tell, the more Bros you save in succession increases your chance to unlock newer Bros. When you save a Bro the deep-throated narrator exclaims whom you saved as a picture of the Bro flashes on your screen with the American flag waving in the distance. Just to see that makes saving your Bros worth it every time.

Almost everything in this game is destructible which makes it fun and intense at the same time, however, you have to keep in mind that you can destroy your only escape route to complete a level – so watch your line of fire, Bro.

The enemies slowly morph into bigger and badder baddies as you progress in the game. At first you’re fighting terrorists that range from caring hand pistols to Gatling guns. Some are even strapped with explosives and run at you in hopes of taking you out (note: shot the strapped terrorists in a way that propels them towards other baddies so that when the TNT goes off, you’re taking out a group a baddies at once). Towards the end of the game you’re fighting aliens and the supernatural.


Did I mention this game is violent? As can be expected, this game is rated M for Mature. Heads get blasted off, bodies explode into mounds of bones and guts, and rivers of blood flow. Sometimes the screen is so full of red I can’t see where to go next. It’s a wickedly amazing good time.

Pain-staking detail has been added to this game to make it the dime that it is. The terrorists make wimpy yells when you throw dynamite at them (which they stupidly catch and run with before exploding into a million pieces), the soundtrack is laced with hair-band metal guitars and thumping bass that gets more ominous when you get closer to the boss of each level, and even your PS4 controller gets in on the action as it flashes red, white, and blue as you play.

This is the perfect game for those who want to relive the good old days of 16bit games, but with a modern twist. Consume Review Repeat gives BROFORCE a 10 out of 10 mullet-hair-styling, jacked-muscles-bulging, one-liner-saying, red-white-and-blue-flag-waving, enormous-gun-toting, impossible-odds-beating, universe-saving, freedom-protecting, action heroes.

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