Sheetz Sweet Potato Fryz

By | March 14, 2016

IMG_0473Whenever somebody does something so well, you just want them to keep doing what they do. Case in point, Sheetz Frys are the best fast food fries available. Uniform, light, and crisp, they pair so well with some Sweet Baby Ray’s. Once you’ve achieved perfection, you are free to  rest on your laurels for the next 40 years.

Not the fine folks at Sheetz, though. They are constantly innovating and scheming to find new perfection. With the release of their new Sweet Potato Waffle Frys. I believe they have another winner on their hands. My order came with the same uniform, light and crisp quality that I come to expect from the unsweetened potato, but there is something more to the waffle fry. And by more, I mean less. The seasoning is so mild with the waffle fry that the full, unadulterated taste of the root veggie comes through. Just a hint of salt makes the perfect compliment since this treat needs no dipping.

The interesting thing about the waffle fry is the chew. Whereas the typical fry lacks a certain meatiness, the sweet po offers some much-enjoyed substance. I liked it. I think you will, too.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Sheetz’ sweet potato waffle fryz 8.8 titillated taste buds out of 10.

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