Hershey’s Simply 5 Syrup

By | March 28, 2016

To say I love chocolate milk is an understatement. While others are drinking cold-pressed juices sourced from hydroponic orchards, I’m sipping some skim. When people are grinding Ethiopian beans that some African primate ate and pooped back out, I’m getting my buzz from frosty chocolate goodness. When the days are cold, the nights are colder,  and the suckers are turning to Swiss Miss, I’m rolling with sizurp. But my drank isn’t purple; it’s brown – Hershey’s brown.

I drink chocolate milk more days than not, and though I have done my fair share of experimentation over the years, I always come back to Hershey’s syrup to swirl in my milk. With this being the case, you can imagine my surprise when I saw old faithful had launched at new variation: Hershey’s Simply 5. Perhaps this product is so new, it is not even listed on their website: Hershey’s Syrups and Toppings

Gone is the high fructose corn syrup. Gone are the GMOs. So, what’s left? Only five ingredients that are pegged as simple, but at least one left me scratching my head.  Let’s start with what I know: cane sugar, water, cocoa, and natural vanilla flavor. Good, good, good, and good, right? Simple enough, but what about the fifth? Does organic invert cane syrup ring any bells? Not to me either, but as long as it is organic, it must be okay, right?

The way I imagine it, the fifth ingredient, which is actually listed second, is derived from cane syrup that is turned upside down – inverted. Unsurprisingly, I’m wrong, so check out the explanation from my most trusted chemistry source: Wikipedia.

Another shocking development when observing the packaging is the absence of plastic wrapping that covers the flip spout. Instead, there is a seal at the top of the bottom which requires the spout to be unscrewed before the syrup can be enjoyed. The seal reveals a surprising message: Shake well. Shake well? I have to shake my syrup. Well, I’ll try anything once.


So, how does it taste? For the answer, I went to an independent tasting lab in a rural Pennsylvania. After mixing in an amount of the syrup equivelant to the standard, my testers gave their results. “Yummy. Can we have some more, dad?” To which I replied, “Sorry, dude. The rest is for me.”  It’s good – certainly on par with the non-simply 5 version, though it may take just a bit more stirring. It’s smooth. It goes down easy. What more could you ask for?

Hershey’s Simply 5 is a delicious alternative to standard Hershey’s chocolate syrup, but the fact remains, this is still chocolate sugar that you pour into milk. it would be pretty hard to mess that up.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Hershey’s Simply 5 chocolate syrup 8.5 “Bien Agiter” out of 10. Very, very bien.

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11 thoughts on “Hershey’s Simply 5 Syrup

  1. Boo Post author

    Credibility lost because your cite of Wiki should not be a trusted source because ANYONE can post to Wiki.

    I do agree that Simply 5 is delicious and I was excited to see it in the store, but still trying to determine if organic invert cane syrup is as evil as HFCS.

  2. Boo Post author

    So the goal is it tastes good regardless of the ingredients? Guess I

  3. judith Post author

    Just got my first Hershey’s Simple 5… Followed the directions that DO NOT SAY TO SHAKE WELL…. and found it lousy, not at all chocolatey tasting… mostly sugary… came on line and here I am… Next will be to write to the company and tell them YOU HAVE TO PUT ON THE LABEL TO SHAKE WELL> it still remains to be seen if it’s really chocolatey …. and not just syrupy…

    1. E.L. Patterson Post author

      Thanks for the feedback. I just bought another bottle and noticed the label to shake product was there. I guess they changed the recipe. New one seems thicker, too.

  4. Bruce Davidson Post author

    Its terrible, little chocolate flavor. I have to use twice as much, but then it’s too sweet. I threw it out and bought good old fashioned Hershey syrup.

  5. Cinderella Neylan Post author

    I don’t like it and I won’t be buying it again.

  6. Lisa Fränk Post author

    Strangest thing. We regularly use Hershey syrup and store it in our kitchen cabinet. Tried the Hershey 5 and it was great, until today. We noticed the bottle was expanded and it smells fermented. No clue what happened. Maybe this needs to be refrigerated?

  7. Jim Wellington Post author

    Another BIG NO! vote. Our nightly before bed drink has been Hershey’s chocolate syrup in milk. The new product really lacks the chocolate taste, is thinner, and does not have the flavor of the original. We purchased at Costco and have been waiting for them to get back from what we were hoping was a temporary substitute. It now appears that is not the case so I have sent a complaint to their purchasing department expressing our dissatisfaction with this “new” product. Let’s get back to the REAL item.


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