The Arrogant Bean Review

By | April 9, 2016


A person’s favorite coffee shop is a special sanctuary for the highly-caffeinated. It is a respite from whatever craziness consumes the other facets of your life. It’s a place where everyone knows your name – even if they don’t know your name.

Lately, though, I’ve been between favorite shops. My former favorite, whose name I will not mention out of respect, has been on a downhill slide. Frequent staff changes have downgraded the overall experience from stellar to mediocre.

Is there anything worse than a staff that makes you feel guilty for interrupting their conversation? I’m sorry my patronage is disturbing your conversations, and I’m equally sorry that my polite line-waiting is throwing your cortisol levels through the roof.

So, off I go in search of a new favorite:

For months now, I have been hearing good things about the Arrogant Bean on social media. The website does well to further entice with a long list of pastries, cold and hot drinks, and even breakfast sandwiches, something my previous favorite cannot contend with.

I made the less-than-convenient trip to the RT. 8 location between Saxonburg and Butler – about a 25-minute drive for me. The location is not ideal for me because of distance, but also because it is stuck in the midst of a fairly industrial area with busy roads. It shares a building with another business with the Arrogant Bean consuming the left side.

Upon walking in, I was shocked with the size: only big enough for two four-seat tables and a cooler on the customer side with a counter that evenly separates the total business space. The menu signs overhead may induce a kink in your neck since they are pretty high. I recommend averting your eyes to the pastry case to the right of the counter. On this Friday, I was well-stocked with muffins and cookies. It was a breakfast sandwich that caught my eye, though. But first, the drink.

In the past, my go-to drink has been a mocha, but now it is a caramel macchiato. Both drinks help you gain a quick snapshot of the shop with the mocha emphasizing quality ingredients while the macchiato is more about execution.

My drink was great: well-prepared, layered nicely, and not too sweet. Might have been lacking a bit on the foam, but that is easily forgivable. It was made quickly, and the staff was courteous enough to bring it around the counter to me.


For the sandwich, I ordered the Blue Monster, and this was a great choice. A blueberry bagel with egg, ham, cheddar, and cream cheese. I opted for “easy on the cream cheese” because a melted cream cheese dripping down your chin is never a good look. Made quickly and just for me, the sandwich was brought around the counter to me as well.


The breakfast sandwiches I’m used to are pretty homogenous. The egg is overcooked and everything is the same temperature indicating that it has been sitting around for a while. Not the case at the Arrogant Bean, and the most impressive sign to me was the perfectly cooked egg, which was over medium allowing the perfect amount of savory yoke to slide out and mix with sweet cream cheese and sweeter bagel. I didn’t even mind the cheese-to-chin contact. It was a great and unique sandwich.

If you’ve got a snowy April day with two of your favorite ladies, I highly recommend checking out the Arrogant Bean.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives the Arrogant Bean 8.8 cheesy chins out of 10.

Stay tuned to see if the Arrogant Bean has what it takes to become my new favorite …

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