Primanti Bros. – A Taste of History

By | May 28, 2016


It’s no secret that Consume Review Repeat is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – the city voted No. 1 by Forbes as the most livable city in America. Rumor has it that those that were responsible for giving the rating were influenced by the deliciousness of Primanti Bros. What makes the food served there so special? One word: the combination of fresh cut fries, cole slaw, and your choice of meat smothered between two fresh-cut pieces of Mancini bread (I guess that’s more than one word).

The sandwiches served at Primanti Bros. are the definition of form meets function because they were created to serve a purpose, not to look pretty. Back in the 1930s, during the height of the great depression, Joe Primanti served reasonably priced sandwiches loaded with the essentials to truckers and shift workers. The hardworking people of Pittsburgh loved them so much that Joe went into business with his brothers and their nephew, John DePrinter, and opened up a small storefront in the Strip District of Pittsburgh.

As legend has it, a trucker concerned that his shipment of potatoes went bad after becoming frozen during transport brought them over to John for review. John decided to fry them up on the grill to see how they looked, and they looked pretty darn good. Some of the customers asked for the fried potatoes and John put them on their sandwiches – the rest is history.


Each sandwich is served with fresh cut fries, cole slaw, and two tomatoes stacked high on whatever type of sandwich you order. When I first heard of the combination I hesitated at trying it because I’m not a cole slaw fan. Their cole slaw; however, is not the traditional kind of cole slaw because it’s made without mayonnaise. The cole slaw has a more oil and vinegar taste to it seasoned with the right amount of dry spices. It’s crunchy instead of slimy – it’s good, instead of not.

I’m going to fill you in on a little secret. If you’re going to try a Primanti sandwich for the first time get the angus beef sandwich, and make sure, to get double cheese. The sandwich comes stack high with beef chunks grill to perfection and instead of putting the cheese on the cold topping (like some places do) – the cheese is put directly on top of the beef so that it melts all throughout the chunks. It’s an amazing, amazing sandwich.


Let’s say you don’t even live in Pittsburgh, or you once did and miss a taste of home. You can get Primanti Bros. sandwich mailed right to your door. How awesome is that? Here’s the link to order up some sandwiches n’at.

Consume Review Repeat gives Primanti Bros. a 10 out of 10 satisfying “mmmmmmssss.”



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