Lumineers – Cleopatra

By | June 2, 2016



Raw, stripped down, mellow – these are just some of the words that can be used to describe the Lumineers newest album called Cleopatra. This time around the band is a bit mellower in their delivery while  staying true to what makes them unique. As I listened to the album, I got the feeling that I was listening to age-old campfire songs that were passed down by previous generations. There is definitely  a timelessness to their music.

This album is perfect to listen to if you’re looking to unplug from reality for a while and just chill. While most mainstream Indie bands are currently heavy on pop beats and synthesized tunes (not that there is anything wrong with that), the Lumineers stay true to their identity – simple, well constructed songs that feature the vocals.

Cleopatra is the perfect blend of guitar, tambourine, piano, bass, and drums. The instruments are not heavily featured in this album but are present just enough to keep your toes tapping. As for the lyrics, they are passionately delivered making you hang on every word.

By now you have probably heard the singles Ophelia and Cleopatra; both great songs. One of my favorite songs from the album is Gun Song.

I got a chance to see the Lumineers when they were touring during their debut album – what a show it was. I can’t describe their show other than a raw display of talent. Here they are playing in Pittsburgh at Stage AE.

Consume Review Repeat gives the album Cleopatra eight out of ten campfires.

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