Walking Dead 155

By | June 2, 2016


Previously in the Walking Dead: Negan’s out and proclaiming his love for Alpha as we get to witness Negan’s ability to manipulate and insert himself into a role of power with a  group that he has very little knowledge of.

Throughout Issue 155, we see Negan talking out of both sides of his mouth as Alpha (apparently) falls for his shtick. Even with his lies and deception obvious, there is something that Alpha clearly finds appealing about him: his fearlessness. If there is anything we know about Negan and his presence for a third of the comic’s total run, it’s that he is supremely confident and eternally hopeful. He makes the best of each opportunity.


Elsewhere, Andrea is not happy with politics at Alexandria as Rick’s version of manipulation has resulted in the citizens getting all stirred. This is a rare Walking Dead Art Imitating Life occasion as we deal with real life Demagoguery coming from the Republican Party. It seems that Andrea has no interest in being first lady Melania Grimes, and she makes her feelings known.

As Negan’s power is rising, Rick’s is sinking, especially among his most trusted allies.


Perhaps the most interesting note of issue 155 is Michonne’s confrontation with Beta. Alpha’s right-hand man handled himself quite well against the katana. Then, he bolts back to Alpha to “protect her” from Negan’s advances. Beta could be an opponent that is more formidable that first thought. Luckily with Negan’s arrival, he could also be the odd-man-out that could turn to help the Survivors in the upcoming Whisperer War arch in a way similar to Dwight’s double agent status in All Out War.


With just one more issue until the new war begins in Issue 157, it will be interesting to see how that table is set in next month’s release.

Consume.Review.Repeat gives Walking Dead 155 8.7 Make Alexandria Great Again’s out of 10.

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