Song of the Summer – Wow by Beck

By | June 4, 2016

I don’t care what the calendar says. I can’t be limited by squares on a piece of paper. I know and you know it’s summer. Every summer needs a song, and this summer has an awesome one: Wow by Beck.

This Scientologist is putting the stripped-down alt-country from his last LP on the shelf to bring us a superbly produced 3:40 of pop/ hip-hop fusion that only a 45-year-old could create.

The music: Imagine getting a massage at a Shaolin Temple in the old west. This combination causes the instantaneous release of 17 neurotransmitters producing a high equal to the purest ecstasy. The tune has so many layers that it triggers the anti-onion effect. This means that peeling back each layer leads to a sweeter influence.

The lyrics: It’s like wow. It’s like right now. Beck’s lyrics harken back to the nonsequiturs of ‘Where it’s at.’ Think, “I gotta couple of couches – I sleep on the love seat.” With perils of wisdom thrown into the mix. “It’s your life. You gotta try to get it right.”

Here what people are saying about this summertime hit:

  • “It just speaks to my soul.”
  • “This song makes my spirit complete.”
  • “I want to listen to only this song for the rest of my life.”

And all of those statements are from my wife …

Play the track loud as your heading down the road after punching the clock Friday afternoon or quietly as your laptop speakers try to keep up. Either way, play Wow by Beck early and play it often. After all, it is the Consume.Review.Repeat song of the summer (unless something even better comes out by September).

Until then, Consume.Review.Repeat. gives ‘Wow’ by Beck 9.6 Lamborghini shih tzus out of 10.


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