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By | June 7, 2016

Frogs Right

It’s summertime in the ‘Burg and that means only one thing  – it’s time to get something cold and sweet to help me beat the heat. Just the other day I was craving a cool, tasty treat and my wife (who is all knowing) suggested that we give sweetFrog a try. I had never heard of the place but I was tired of going to the same old places that serve the same old things. I wanted something new. I wanted something custom. I wanted to build my own tasty creation.

Inside sweetFrog Washington pa

Here’s what’s cool about sweetFrog – you can customize absolutely everything. When you walk into the place you select the size of cup you want to have your yogurt in. After that you go to area that is dedicated to over 15 or more flavors of soft-served yogurt that you can pour into your cup. You can mix and match the flavors or just stick with one. Not only do you have a variety of flavors to pick from, you also have a variety of types to pick from. There is low fat, non-fat, no sugar added, non-dairy, etc., etc., etc. For a full list of the flavors and types check them out here.

Ok, so you got your cup of yogurt. Now you walk down to an area to choose your toppings. My son was in over-drive as his three-year old brain tried to process the variety of toppings he could choose from. I lost count after 40, no joke, there are a ton of toppings to choose from. Here is the full list of toppings you can choose from according to the web site. This must change though because the location we went to had additional toppings as well.

Your last stop is at the cash register where they weigh your cups and tell you what you owe. Here is where I thought my wallet was going to get crushed because my son’s small cup of yogurt was filled to the brim with M&Ms, Sour Patch Kids, and other toppings. You could barely see his yogurt. Surprisingly, it was the same price as my small cup that was 3/4 of the way filled with birthday cake yogurt and cotton candy Pop-Rocks (oh, so good).

eating sweetFrog

spoon changes color

Did I mention your spoon changes color as it comes into contact with the cold yogurt? My son found that to be extremely fascinating and most likely occurring because of “magic.”

After consuming my premium frozen yogurt, I wasn’t thirsty or bogged down like I usually am after eating ice-cream which was a nice feeling. Consume Review Repeat gives sweetFrog a 10 out of 10 color changing spoons!


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