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By | June 8, 2016


I must admit – I don’t know a lot about the Flash. I know he can run fast and that several people have donned the Flash outfit, but other than that, I’m a bit lost regarding the mythos of the character. With that being said, I thought the issue did a good job of introducing me to the character and highlighting some of the important events that have happened to the gold and red streaker.

Before you read this issue, you MUST read the DC Rebirth one-shot. If you don’t, you will be totally lost and the surprises of the one-shot are basically spoiled in this issue. So go get DC Rebirth if you haven’t already – it’s a heck of a ride.

Ok, back to the issue. Barry Allen (the New 52 Flash) is working a murder case that involves a child who witnessed his mother allegedly (I say allegedly because it looks like a long-time foe of the Flash is involved) get killed by his father. If you know anything about Barry’s origin, which I didn’t but it was explained in this issue, the murder is almost identical to a situation that Barry experienced as a child. The difference is that Barry’s father didn’t kill his mother, but the father was wrongfully convicted of it.

About mid-way through the issue as Barry is investigating the mother’s murder, Barry is visited by Wally West (the Kid Flash who grew up to be The Flash pre-New 52). The scene was played out in the issue of DC Rebirth briefly but in this issue we get to see what happens after Barry pulls Wally out of the speed force and comes to remember that Wally existed (when the New 52 launched a version of Wally West was not incorporated). Shortly after returning Wally decides to go find the Teen Titans and Barry decides to meet with Batman to tell him about Wally’s return. Why Barry doesn’t remember Wally is addressed in the one-shot.

Batman shows Wally the smiley face button with blood on it – initially I thought that the button was drawn wrong with blood on it because the button the Comedian wore from Watchmen was just a normal smiley face button. The reveal that it’s actually blood that can’t be identified by Batman or Flash is interesting. I know want to know who’s blood is on the button.

Bottom line is that the issue was good and that it progressed the DC Rebirth one-shot mystery even further. Consume Review Repeat gives Flash Rebirth a 7 out of 10 sonic booms!


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