Action Comics 957 Review: He’s Back!

By | June 11, 2016




A long time ago…I read a Superman comic, and to be honest, it didn’t feel like a Superman comic. Not too long ago…I watched a movie that had Superman in it, but to be honest, it didn’t feel like Superman was in the movie. I’ve been waiting to see a true-to-roots Superman for a long time now, and if you have to, pick up Action Comics #957 because he’s back! WOOOO! 

Ric-Flair-WWE-video woo

Action Comics #957 is written by Dan Jurgens and penciled by Patrick Zircher – a standing ovation to both of these guys for bringing their A game. To me, Dan is best known for his work on the Death and Return of Superman during the 1990s, which pulled at the heartstring of fans and revitalized the character. It’s great to have Dan back and his writing of Superman as a father (which reminds me a lot of Pa Kent) and as Superman is spot on.

Patrick is an unknown artist to me, but man-o-man can this guy put pencil to paper. His splash pages command attention and are extremely detailed. Do I see a bit of Ric Flair in Luthor?

AC_957_04_color Lex as Superman

So here is the deal: after the events of Superman #52  Luthor has decided to take Superman’s S shield as his own and protect Metropolis. Pre-New 52 Superman, the Superman that originally died at the hands of Doomsday, decides he can’t let that happen and shaves his beard, throws on his some-what old costume, and flies off to confront Luthor.

superman-569a9-2 Action Comics 957

Before doing that though, Superman and Lois have some touching moments with their son, Jon, about when you should and shouldn’t use your powers. A total reversal of Clark’s parents…um, parenting methods (if you could call them that) in the Snyder Cinematic Universe.


Having a family with their head screwed on right is part of what makes Superman…Superman, and seeing that Superman and Lois are raising their son the traditional way that Pa and Ma Kent did is true to the legacy of Superman. The guys over at 11 O’Clock Comics Podcast had a great debate about what makes Superman who he is, and a lot of it goes back to how he was raised. You can hear the debate here.

I’m done rambling, back to the story. As Superman and Luthor begin to confront each other over punches, Clark Kent mysteriously returns. In previous issues, Superman’s secret identity was uncovered and the world knew that Superman was Clark Kenk, but now Clark showing up while Superman is battling Superman is definitely going to change all that. Is it possible that it’s a robot Clark Kent echoing back to older storylines?

action-comics-2821 robot clark kent

While all this is going on, Doomsday returns after being stolen from a genetics lab! That’s right, the big guy that put Supes down is back and ready to throw down. I can’t wait to see what happens next when Pre-New 52 Superman faces off against his killer. Consume Review Repeat gives Action Comics #957 a 9 out of 10 oops-I-poured-acid-on-my-robotic-hand.

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