Pittsburgh Pirates Foul Ball Causes A Nacho Disaster

By | August 11, 2016

Pittsburgh Pirate Fan Takes Nachos to Face

There are guys out there with bigger balls than mine. I know that, I’ve come to accept that. Believe me, I’ve tried to exceed my limitatations, but I always, without fail…fail.

For example, this is my second time writing this post because the first time my Internet crashed. Ladies and gentlemen, I am a meager mortal that life does not smile upon.

Last night while watching the Pittsburgh Pirates I witnessed greatness performed by a god-man. I watched a super-hero perform the un-performable (is that even a word, who cares, we are talking about a god here). I watched the guy that will make America great again.

Behold greatness and weep at its awesome power of awesomeness!

Did you see how effortlessly he reached for the foul ball, but realizing his nachos were in his way, gobbled them down in mere seconds while reaching higher than all of the lowly humans around him. It was a breathtaking thing to see. It was heroic to say the least. Send that guy to the Olympics – he’s gold.

What should this godly man be called? A hero? A super-hero? Absolutely. However, the media has labeled him “Pittsburgh Pirate Fan Takes Nachos to the Face.” Those in the media know not what they saw. It was hard for them to grasp that they had just witnessed greatness.

My advise to this young, enthusiastic baseball god-man is to not worry about what others are saying about you. I saw your greatness and thousands of others did too. We were inspired. We were entertained, Spaniard.

Consume Review Repeats gives the PNC Park Nachos and nacho-face dude a 10 out of 10 foul balls.

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