1893 Pepsi Soda Review

By | August 14, 2016

1893 Pepsi-Cola

True story. It was one of those nights where I had a ton of stuff to do, and not enough time to do it in. I made a quick stop into Sheetz (a fan favorite of the site) and scanned the energy drinks. Quick side note: Did you ever notice that the cans of the energy drinks look like they are all on steroids? They are splattered in florescent colors, and the writing is all scribbled. Too Macho Man like for me. I’m a simple guy, with simple needs. As I scanned the drink isle some more I came across a rather simple looking can, 1893 Pepsi-Cola – Original Cola.

1893? Is this the stuff that the cowboys drank I pondered. No, this had to be after the cowboys by the look of the ad.

This was the time of hard-working Americans;

Workers Sitting on Skyscraper Beam



and just before the prohibition.

Prohibition Farewell

I like taking a step back in time so I grabbed myself a slender can of history. Before cracking the can open I made sure my palette was clean, that I had chilled the can in the freezer for several minutes (a tip I learned from by bud Eric who reviewed Crystal Pepsi), and made sure that I had enough time to enjoy the drink to the very last drop.

Surprisingly, it tasted like Pepsi, but better, with more layers of flavor. Pepsi bousts that 1893 is made from more natural ingredients such as Kola nut extract, dark brown malt flavor, a touch of aromatic bitters, sparking water, and real sugar. The soda, or as we call it in Pittsburgh “pop”, isn’t as carbonated as current soft drinks which is a plus – it has just the right of carbonation. Secondly, the layers of flavors are fun to enjoy. After a swig, you immediately notice the aromatic bitters tickling your mouth, and then slowly, a sweet aftertaste hits you. It’s a delicious, flavorful soda that a lot of people are using to make mixed drinks.

crushed can of 1893 pepsi

Consume Review Repeat gives 1893 Pepsi-Cola a 9 out of 10 Kola nuts (whatever that is).

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2 thoughts on “1893 Pepsi Soda Review

  1. Michael Barrett

    As I am not an avid soft drink…drinker(?), I had not heard of (or seen this at the store) until today. A coworker of mine works at a local bar in the evenings. Our local Pepsi distributor brought them what was supposed to be “A” pallet of this for them to try as a mixer. Turned out they brought them TWO pallets!
    So some of his buddies at the bar loaded the back of his Ford Ranger with at least half of that extra pallet.

    He brought them to work today and has been handing them out, 12 packs mind you! So I tried one and was pleasantly surprised. I REALLY like this stuff!!! Even better that I didn’t have to pay the $11.88 for the twelve pack!

    1. crr15613

      Haha! Great story! Yeah, definitely like the taste! Too bad you don’t get more for your money, but when you can get it for free, that’s like striking gold!


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