Superman Returns to ‘Action Comics’ and ‘Superman’

By | August 14, 2016

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If you had told me three months ago that Superman and Action Comics were going to be on my pull list, I would have laughed – hard. The jokes on me though cause here we are three months later and Superman, Action Comics, and Superwoman (yes, even Superwoman) are on my pull list.

DC Rebirth has definitely breathed new life into the Superman titles. Currently, in Action Comics Superman is battling Doomsday, and in Superman, Big Blue and his son, Jon, are taking on the Eradicator. Both of these villains were part of the Death of Superman and Reign of Superman storylines from the ‘90s and it was these storylines that got me, and thousands of others, interested in the Boy Scout. Needless to say, my nostalgia factor is sky high as I read these issues. All we need now is Superboy running around in a leather jacket.

It’s fun to read Superman again, something I haven’t been able to say in a long time. If you haven’t already, pour yourself a Crystal Pepsi and slip back into ‘90s nostalgia as you read about your favorite Red, Yellow, And Blue Dude. Below is my review of the Superman titles that I have read so far.

Action Comics 961 Gary Frank Cover

Action Comics 957

Action Comics 958

Action Comics 959

Action Comics 960

Action Comics 961




Superman 1 (2016) coverSuperman #1

Superman #2

Superman #3

Superman #4

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