Michael Phelps Has Retired From Swimming, For Now – Watch All Of His Gold Medal Wins

By | August 15, 2016

Michael Phelps with 2016 Gold

It’s no secret that Michael Phelps has more medals than there are countries. The guy is a total beast when he hits the water and he showed it at the 2016 Rio Olympics, even with all the distractions that came with Rio such as Zika, polluted water, etc. Michael Phelps now has 23 gold medals! To put it in perspective Phelps beat a 2,168-year-old Olympic record set by Leonidas who won 12 titles in the second century B.C. Just as crazy as winning 23 medals is how far Michael Phelps has come since retiring from swimming at the 2012 London Olympics.

In December of 2014 Phelps pleaded guilty to his second DUI and was sentenced to an 18-month probation. Phelps admitted that he did not want to live anymore and was in a very dark place after his arrest. Instead of giving into his demons, Phelps checked into a rehab, got clean, and focused on being a competitive swimmer once again. Shortly thereafter, in Rio, Phelps won his 23 gold medal. Even though he’s not a saint – he’s an inspiration.

Today, Michael Phelps announced his retirement from swimming, yet again. Will he stay retired? Only time will tell. He’s the Michael Jordan of swimming and he is an inspiration to watch. Below is a playlist of all of Phelps’ Olympic gold medal wins before his 23 (have to skip past the first video to start playlist).

Consume Review Repeat gives Michael Phelps a 10 out of 10 backstrokes!

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