GROUPLOVE – Big Mess Review

By | September 9, 2016


“We’re back in business – You’re such a big mess – And I love you”


The opening lines of the third GROUPLOVE full length speak directly to their legions of loyal fans, and at the same time, communicate a level of intimacy as if Hannah was speaking to Christian without anyone else hearing. It is a strong battle cry that perfectly sets up the rest of the album’s upbeat, optimistic, and life-affirming jams. This is not an easy task, but one that GROUPLOVE pulls off well here. I would argue that this is the quintet’s finest work since their debut EP, which continues to get solid rotation in my household.

The other bookend of the album is equally impressive. After 10 tracks of immediately catchy, begging-to-be-sung tunes, the band slows it down to deliver the perfect outro – Hollywood. A sweet, romantic tune packed full of harmonies set in a sense of longing and yearning for an absent love.

The album is tight at 40 minutes, which is great in this case as it really leaves me wanting more. The 2013 ‘Spreading Rumors’ seemed long at times as it meandered through its track list. This problem was even more evident on the 62-minute 16 track (Bonus Edition).


Finding standouts on this album is a challenging proposition; they all stand apart as captivating and engaging. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. My two daughters and wife were all singing along to multiple tracks. The vocals, the musicality, and lyrics work so well together as each member has their shining moments. The thought of seeing these songs played live is so enticing, since GROUPLOVE brings so much energy to a live show. A number like “Traumatized” would bring down the house even if they played it a dozen times consecutively.

I am proud to know of GROUPLOVE – a band that never gets enough credit has done it again! And thanks to Apple Music for having this ready to go for me in the morning.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Big Mess by GROUPLOVE the first ever 10 ‘girl so beautiful sleeps on the couch/ there’s a little baby in her blouse’s out of 10. Perfect score!

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