Sheetz Cold Brew Review

By | September 29, 2016


What is the hottest thing in coffee? Cold brew. Starbucks and Dunkin have been finding good success with the coffee creation that never gets hotter than the room brewed in. It turns out that water, coffee grounds and time equal a drink that is just fancy enough to be different, but not fancy enough to be too different.

Sheetz is the latest establishment to jump on the bandwagon. The Eastern U.S. gas station-turned-one-stop-shop has been expanding their Sheetz Bros. Coffee offerings to include smoothies, floats, and milkshakes. Now is the time for cold brew. And the timing couldn’t be better with National Coffee Day, September 29th being the grand release. By the way, everyone smart enough to have a Sheetz card, like yours truly was treated to a free small cold brew to commemorate the big day.

Heading to the touch screen, the cold brew was prominently featured on the coffee screen. You choose between small, medium, large then your milk type, amount of milk, and amount of sugar. That’s it. Whereas other Sheetz offerings allow endless combinations, the cold brew is straightforward with no flavorings. My 12 oz small was doctored with cream and sugar.


So, how did it taste? Actually, it was quite awesome. Moreso than Starbucks or Dunkin, Sheetz Cold Brew tastes like the cold brew I make at home. It has the smooth, low acid taste that I have grown to love about cold brew, and it went down super-fast. I suspect, though, that the final product is diluted as it wasn’t as strong as my normal brew. The cream and sugar only enhanced the natural goodness of bev without covering up or detracting from the natural flavors.

Like I said, my drink was free for today only. Would I buy it again? I think, yes, but the price is a concern. At $2.99 for a small mostly filled with ice, I question the value of the drink. I believe the large went up close to $4. I can take my refill mug to Dunkin and get a medium for $1.80 with more customization options.


I think the major problem for me is that there is no reason for the cold brew to be a Sheetz Bros Coffee touch screen choice. This should be out and available for self-serve at a reasonable charge. Especially if you are offering only dairy and sugar, there is no need a barista to get involved. Just my $0.02. Despite the price …

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Sheetz Cold Brew 8.6 chilly beans out of 10.




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