Subway Autumn Carved Turkey Review – 2017 Update

By | October 11, 2016


2017 Update: The Autumn Caved Turkey Sandwich is back again at Subway, just in time for fall. I’m happy to report that everything about the sandwich holds true from the sandwiches debut last year. The only difference is my Subway has cut back the bread options forcing me to have my sub on an Italian herb and cheese rather than a honey oat or 9-grain. The dressing is the best part. I hope they keep it around this year.

Find my 2016 review below:


Lately, Subway hasn’t been my first choice. Despite the sandwich shop’s efforts to move towards a cleaner, less chemically-driven menu, they can’t lure me into the store. The breads are outdated. The veggies sometimes look like yesterday’s discards, and the new additions have been subtractions for me.

Unluckily for me, my workplace-adjacent Sheetz has been torn down and mostly rebuilt over the last few months. Luckily for Subway, I was desperate for a lunch that had less PB&J and a little more … well, anything else. I made the walk through the door thinking that I would be confronted by the same colors, which I was; with the same setup, which I was; with the same old bread, which I was.

One thing was different this time, though. Playing on the video screen by the menu board was a sandwich I’ve never seen before. Yes. I was the same old bread, but there was thick cut white meat turkey that they called “carved” and a new dressing that they call cranberry mustard. I wonder what’s in that! Feeling bold, I decided to go for it. “One Autumn Carved Turkey Sandwich, please?”


As my sandwich artist set to work, I saw the ingredients gathered and assembled. 9-grain wheat bread, a surprisingly large portion of turkey, cheddar, spinach, tomatoes that looked ripe and fresh, and topped with a nice drizzle of the cranberry mustard that looks more like a vinaigrette. When it was completed, I was shocked by how good it actually looked. It looked fresh, new, and the colors really worked well together.

So, how did it taste? The answer: Really, fricking good. Ignoring the lackluster bread, the turkey tasted like actual turkey. It was a little dry with a texture that could have come out of the fridge on Black Friday. I think the dryness is to be expected with turkey, and though the meat wasn’t super flavorful, it tasted authentic. The real star of the sandwich was the cranberry mustard, which by the end of the meal, I wanted to drink with a straw. It really counterbalanced the blandness of turkey on wheat bread with flavors that lit up the tongue.

Nice work, Subway. You might not be a lost cause after all.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Subway’s Autumn Carved Turkey 9.1 tryptophan hangovers out of 10.

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One thought on “Subway Autumn Carved Turkey Review – 2017 Update

  1. laura

    I just bought one of these sandwiches (Autumn Carved Turkey). Like all Subway sandwiches I’ve ever tried, there was not enough meat. Some bites had no meat at all. The vegetables had no flavor. Overall, it is among the WORST sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. Definitely NOT worth $8.50 for a foot long.

    Subway needs to allow its franchises to buy their produce locally and they need to double up on the meat without increasing the price. That would be the only way this sandwich could even approximate something worth $8.50.

    Go to your local deli. You’ll get a way better sandwich for a comparable price.
    My local deli uses Boar’s Head Cold cuts and puts a good half pound of meat on the hero along with choice of dressing and veggies for $6.99. I was insane to even walk into a Subway franchise.


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