The Walking Dead 159 Review

By | October 22, 2016


Previously in The Walking Dead: The Whisperer War raged on. Father Gabriel fell to his death creating untold grief in absolutely no one. As the whisperer’s attacked, the outlooked appeared grim for our survivors. All the while, Negan further implanted himself as a more trustworthy member of the group.


In part 3 of 6 from The Whisperer War, the dense storytelling continues, but now the transitions are easier to follow and the characters arcs are more easily followed. We open on the front lines as Negan and Beta are going to head to head in an incredibly personal battle. I get why Beta is pissed at Negan, but Negan’s motivations are a bit unclear, unless proving himself is that important. Then, we are met with a death more heart-wrenching than Father Gabriel’s: Lucille. Negan’s sidekick/ best friend/ lover is shattered over Beta’s back and our anti-hero’s pain is real. Yet still, Beta slips away as the retreating whisperers carry him off.


At the Hilltop, Lydia had a conversation with Carl that went like this:

Dear Baby,

Welcome to Dumpsville. Population: You.

From, Lydia

Though the last issues were spent contrasting Lydia from her mom, this issue hammers home the point that she is still Alpha’s daughter, and her time with the whisperers influenced her views of the world. Love and caring equal weakness. In this world, that is a luxury that cannot be afforded. Carl leaks fluid from his socket.

At the Kingdom, William solidifies his power they way everyone does post-zombie apocalypse: threats at knifepoint.

Somewhere, Rick is looking at a map.


Back on the front lines, the survivors work some magic under the military cunning of Dwight by splitting off many of the dead from the whisperers to make the targets clearer. As the issue concludes, Dwight dons the suit of a whisperer. We’re not sure why. Camouflage or comfort: it’s anyone’s guess.


The survivors surely pulled ahead in this issue, but at the half-way point of this war, the future is unclear. Eugene’s and Rick’s situations are especially undecided. They have been shown in the background chatting with folks in Ohio and looking at maps, respectively, but it seems bigger roles are to be played. These issues have been the best following the time jump.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives The Walking Dead 159 9.0 back splinters out of 10.




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