Walking Dead Fans Are Axing: “Is Rick’s Hatchet Possessed?”

By | October 30, 2016

Rick Negan Hatchet


By now you know that The Walking Dead is one of our favorite comics to blog about. Eric does an awesome job of giving an insightful review of TWD comics over at our comic page. So I decided to give a shot at reviewing the show starting with Episode 1 Season 7 called “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.” This review and subsequent episode reviews can be found over at our moving pictures page. So without further delay, let’s jump into my first review which focuses on an aspect of the show that got overshadowed by the deaths of some beloved characters.


Spoilers Ahead


I’m sure by now you’ve heard that two beloved characters of the show met their end via Lucille during last week’s episode, and while heartbreaking, there was an aspect of the show that I found even more intriguing: Rick’s “magical” hatchet. I say magical because the hatchet has appeared and disappeared on Rick’s hip since Season 6, and it even seemed to do the same during the episode (if you didn’t watch closely).

I did a little digging and you won’t believe who wielded the hatchet before Rick did. Not only was the former owner a surprise to me, but the idea that the hatchet could be possessed by the former owner seemed plausible since TWD is a horror genre show. For the reasons I’ll point out, the possessed hatchet theory could be plausible, but is it what the creators had in mind? Continue reading here.



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