Funky Monkey Donuts Review

By | November 30, 2016


I am furious. I have a bone to pick with the universe. The problem: There is a new donut shop in Kittanning, and no one told me. Way to go universe!

After learning about Funky Monkey Donuts yesterday, I dove into the wonders of the world wide web to see what the establishment had to offer. Just exactly how funky is this monkey and how loose is this goose? It didn’t take long to conclude that Funky Monkey specializes in made-to-order, customized donuts that are smaller than the standard Dunkin donut. You pick an icing and a combination of add-ons like pretzel or sprinkles, and then dig in. Similar to Peace, Love, and Little Donuts. Looks promising enough.

If only they had coffee. Wait … they have coffee? Wait … it’s locally roasted by Curly Tail Coffee? I’m in.

Customizing any treat for me is a tricky proposition that usually results in buyers remorse as I only focus on what else I could have ordered. Chocolate chips instead of sprinkles! Glaze instead of icing! The solution here is to order 18, share with the office, and get opinions on the preferences.

My mornings tend to be busy and personally customizing a dozen and a half donuts seemed like a lot of time and work, so I called ahead with an order (as the Facebook page recommends). Walking through the door, I encountered a large space that was bright and minimalistic. A huge L-shaped workstation was the main feature with a small table serving as the coffee station. Walking towards the counter, I was delighted to see a staff member sneaking a bite of the inventory. I concluded that they must be pretty good if someone that is around donuts all day still wants to eat a donut. My 18 were prepared and packed so out the door I went.

When I open the lid to pass around my gesture of goodwill, this is what I saw:


Unique, individualized donuts. They may not win any beauty pageants but are instantly engaging nevertheless. Everyone struggled to pick just one from the selection, and only one person refused one altogether (surely a weirdo).

So, how do they taste? Though some of my top choices were picked by others, I was happy with the remains. The outside had a crispiness to them while the inside was cakey. Alone, the dough was not too sweet, which worked well because, when combined with the toppings, you have a well-balanced donut. The coworkers universally had kind reactions with not a complaint in sight.

Anyone that works in an office knows that the last donuts in the box are the plain ones that no one finds appealing. If you’re that guy that always gets stuck with the rejects, Funky Money Donuts is for you because the donuts are so loaded with icing and toppings that some inevitably gets stuck in the box just begging to get scrapped up and transferred onto the leftovers. That reminds me … I’ve got a few three-inch beauties waiting for me.



Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Funky Monkey Donuts in Kittanning, PA 8.4 “loose gooses” out of 10.

Before I go, a quick word about the coffee. I’ve only just heard about Curly Tail Coffee, but I found the medium roast quite good. High caffeine and smooth taste. The inclusion of the flavored syrups was genius, and I hope in the future they include different milk and cream options besides individual creamers. Cold brew was available but the gloomy day called for a hot cup. I look forward to experimenting more with the coffee over time.




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