The Walking Dead 161 Review

By | December 12, 2016

Previously in The Walking Dead: Bad stuff was going down at Hilltop as we learn the Whispers should be called the archers as they overloaded Maggie’s group with flaming arrows.

A note on the cover: When cover previews were released months ago, I was left wondering who was adorning the lower half of this issue. Many assumed it was Beta unmasked while others knew it was Eugene. After reading the issue, I assume it was Eugene, but damn, that doesn’t look like Eugene. Sorry gang.

In issue 161, we open on the excitement at Hilltop as all hell is breaking loose. This assault really reminded of the All Out War arch when the Saviors attacked Alexandria with grenades, leading to mass casualties and even more damage to the buildings. This issue expanded on that theme with colossal damage being done to the structures in Hilltop as the main building came down.

Lydia earns a gold star for further solidifying her place against the Whispers as she is slicing and dicing through the enemy in the open air. Indoors, Carl is matching Lydia’s heroism by saving all in danger and putting himself at risk. In a scary moment, Carl is knocked down as the building collapses around him. In usual fashion, the bullet-proof Grimes (ok, ok – mostly bulletproof) responds to some good ol’ CPR and comes back to us.

Everyone is safe, but the damage is done. Hilltop is gone. Maggie is not pleased.

The Hilltop segment of this issue was action packed with awesome art, but the dialogue was tough to take. Kirkman must’ve been watching an 80s/ 90s action movie marathon while writing this since each kill was accompanied with some sly wit and catchy one-liner.

Elsewhere …

  • Dwight’s crew perform a post-bite amputation as Negan continues to mourn the loss of Lucille. What will become of him now?
  • Rick and Andrea sip some hot cocoa.
  • Eugene senses the need for the ammo to get to the people that need it and pushes the issue.
  • Beta is helped to his feet but his henchmen, but looking this week for this long cannot be helping his status in the group.

As the issue closes, we see an interesting turn as the Saviors continue plotting their moves against the rest of the group through a familiar phrase restated in a completely different way. When Maggie said, “I believe in Rick Grimes” fresh after the loss of Glenn, she meant it. When the emerging Savior leadership says “I believe in Rick Grimes,” it is a mockery of all Rick and the group has accomplished.  She must go down.


Consume.Review.Repeat. gives The Walking Dead 161 7.5 “yippee-ky-a’s” out of 10.


Can’t wait for the Whisperer War conclusion next month. Any predictions.

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