Superman Vol. 1: Son Of Superman (Rebirth) Reviewed

By | January 22, 2017

Superman Superboy Rebirth

Just released this month by DC Comics is the trade paperback of Superman Vol. 1: Son of Superman (Rebirth). As a father, and as a husband, this book spoke to me; queue the dramatic music. Yes, I know I’m referring to “just a comic book”, but to me, this book showcased the unique way in which “just a comic book” can deliver a meaningful story that’s full of emotion. 

Superman, Relatable?

When was the last time that you heard someone refer to Superman as relatable? Probably never, and that’s because the biggest critique of the invulnerable alien is that he’s far from relatable. Thanks to the outstanding efforts of Peter J. Tomasi (writer), Patrick Gleason (writer/artist), Doug Mahnke (artist), Jorge Jimenez (artist), Mick Grey (inker), and others, pre-New 52 Superman is back, has a family, and is more relatable then ever.

Jon, Superboy, DC Rebirth

Throughout this trade there were many unique moments of Superman juggling the responsibilities associated with being a husband, father, and saving the day. Even though I don’t have to worry about saving the day, it was easy to relate to Supes’ struggle to be a husband and a father while dealing with all the distractions that life throws at you. In this day in age, when so many anti-heroes are getting the spotlight, it’s nice to read a comic that deals with a hero that wants to do the right thing.

“My” Superman Is Back

I grew up reading Superman in the early ‘90s right around the time Big Blue faced off against Doomsday. I followed the story after Superman’s death, and his return. During the Reign of Supermen storyline, I thought for sure that the Eradicator was the return of Superman. Boy, was I wrong. Regardless, my ’90s nostalgia meter went to one-hundred when I saw the Eradicator returned to the series to face off against Superman and his son. Even Lois got in on the action while wearing…you know what? I won’t spoil it. You have to read it to believe it. 

Not only was the writing phenomenal but also the art work of Patrick Gleason, Doug Mahnke, Jorge Jimenez, Mick Grey, and everyone else involved. The layouts, colors, and overall art matched perfectly with the story. You really couldn’t have asked for anything more. If you are a long-time Superman fan that fell away and looking for a good jumping on point, look no further. Superman Vol. 1: Son of Superman (Rebirth) is the perfect jumping on point.


Consume Review Repeat gives Superman Vol. 1: Son of Superman (Rebirth) a 9 out of 10!

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