Cumming’s Spartan Cortado

By | January 29, 2017

Normally, I write my reviews in a long and self-indulgent manner, but the typical process is insufficient for today’s post. When I sampled the new Spartan Cortado at Cumming’s Coffee and Candy, I knew immediately that prose could not accurately express my feelings. No, something this good necessitates a poetic flow somewhere between a haiku and a sonnet.  Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I offer you my Spartan Cortado-inspired cinquain.


Bold, Brave

Inviting, Delighting, Invigorating

Butler County’s Best Caffeine


This drink single-handedly proves why Cumming’s Coffee and Candy is the gem of Butler County and my favorite coffee stop. Feel free to revisit my full review of Cumming’s to reminisce about just how good this shop is.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Cumming’s Coffee and Candy 10 perfect sips out of 10.

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