#Superman Action Comics #974: Clark Kent Is Creepy AF

By | March 10, 2017

Action Comics 974 Cover

DC Comics Rebirth introduced two Clark Kents living within the same universe. This revelations came across as an enigma wrapped up in a riddle because #New52 Superman died, which should have meant his secret identity (Clark Kent) died too. As Action Comics has been progressing, Dan Jurgens has been leading us down a rabbit hole trying to figure out who Clark Kent 2.0 really is, or is not. Within each issue, the creepiness of Kent 2.0 has increased due to his over-the-top pining for Lois Lane. Kent 2.0 went full-blown stalker in this issue which lead to him to shattering his previous Creepometer rating of 99 percent. That’s right, Kent 2.0 is now confirmed to be 100 percent creepy AF!

Issue Summary

Action Comics 974 Gary Frank Cover

The variant cover to this issue drawn by Gary Frank summarizes this issue especially well. Lois has agreed to go on a date with Kent 2.0 in order to find out more about him. Things take an unexpected turn when Kent 2.0 shows up with a limo and eventually proposes to Lois during an expensive dinner. Meanwhile, Superman ends up saving Lana Lang (aka Superwoman) from dying from an unusual energy influx, and Hank Henshaw and his crew invade New52 Superman’s Fortress of Solitude which leads to them mistakenly releasing Blanque. The issue ends by Kent 2.0 following Lois all the way to the Smith farm and watching her eat dinner with the true Clark Kent and Jon. Seeing the Smiths (the alias used by the Kents) together somehow causes Kent 2.0 to realize who he really is, which isn’t revealed to the reader. Whomever he is, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be good for the Smiths.

Final Thoughts And Rating

Action Comics really started out strong. Dan Jurgens’ writing was tight and filled with mystery. Patrick Zircher’s art was full of detail and life. However, as the issues have progressed, they have steadily decreased in telling an engaging story, and the quality of art (done by various artists) has become rough and sketchy. Jon has become a side note that is rarely seen – and when he is – he’s usually eating. The family aspects of the Smiths are rarely seen since the stories center around #Superman solely. Additionally, the story-arcs have felt long and drawn out. The only reason I kept reading Action was to find out who Kent 2.0 really is. Of the two Superman titles, the stories told in Superman are new and fresh as Superman juggles to be a hero for all, a husband, and father; something we’ve never seen prior to Rebirth. The family aspects of Superman are what make him relatable and fun to read again. I hope that Dan and company start to add more of the family aspects into Action because that’s a big part of Superman’s life now.

Clark Kent Action 974

Action Comics #974 scores a six out of 10 on the creepometer!


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