The Walking Dead 166

By | April 10, 2017

Previously in The Walking Dead: In an attempt to funnel a wave of walkers into the ocean while rescuing Eugene from a certain demise, Andrea received a nasty gash on the neck. Is it a walker bite, a stray bullet, or is that string from her hat finally causing issues? I’m sure the answered will be revealed promptly.

In issue 166 of The Walking Dead, we open on Andrea to us of her grave situation before shifting to Alexandria. Here, the Saviors finally make their move when Rick’s group is weakened by the onslaught of walkers. Led by Sherry, the group wants to break away from the Kingdom, Alexandria, and the Hilltop in a move that really offered no clear explanation. I guess they feel powerless and under the control of Rick, but c’mon, Rick is the winning team. Have you seen what happens to people that F with Rick?

After a standoff, cooler heads prevail and Sherry agrees to meet with Rick privately. The cup of tea starts innocently enough until Sherry becomes incensed by the fact that Rick is not afraid of her and flips a table complaining about his intimidation methods. A series of slaps to the one-handed man follows and culminates with Sherry pulling out a knife even Crocodile Dundy would be proud of.

A scuffle ensues and just as Sherry is about to squeeze the last breath from Rick’s throat, the hero musters his strength to toss her away. She cracks her head on a table and is dead instantly. Nice meeting.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, Andrea comes staggering in exposing her wound to Rick before she collapses in his arms.

Issue 166 was great with several notable takeaways and questions:

  • Will the New Saviors be the second straight group with a female leader that is quickly killed, which allows a bigger, badder second-in-command to come in and wreck stuff?
  • What will people on the outside think about Sherry’s death? There was a huge fight with screaming. You’re telling me no one heard that. Will Rick take the blame?
  • Is Andrea’s fever setting in? Is she bit/ scratched? Is death coming? How long will Kirkman drag this out?
  • Dwight’s head has to be spinning. He is defending Negan against Sherry! Life is funny that way.

  • Carl’s rise to leadership seems destined, but where will he lead? It seems there might be an opening at the Sanctuary.
  • With the story set almost entirely in Alexandria, I appreciated the consistent setting and tone in this issue. Too much jumping around leaves me confused and dizzy.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives The Walking Dead 166 8.4 unconscious women in the same room out of 10.



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