Hero Killer Issue #3 Reviewed

By | April 14, 2017

Hero Killer Issue #3


Warning spoilers below!

Things haven’t gone all that well for Earth’s protectors in the last two issues of Hero Killer; however, in this issue the creative team (Tony McDougall, writer, and Martinho Abreu, artist) gives us a moment to catch our breath. I was surprised by the fact that the killer didn’t claim another victim by the end of the issue. In fact, the killer didn’t even appear in this issue, or did he?

Part of the fun of this series is trying to guess who is knocking off  the good guys. Not too many clues were given in this issue to understand why the shadow-clad figure has killed The Bug and the Cowled Knight.

This issue did a good job of showing us how the superheroes and the cops are trying to do to solve the aforementioned murders. We get a look at the broken relationship between Detective Marquez and her ex-husband, and we also find out that Detective Marquez is a mother. Let’s just say that motherhood doesn’t suit Detective Marquez. I can’t really blame her though, she’s got a killer on the loose that’s slicing and dicing heroes.

The issue ends with Detective Marquez tailing a hero to try and find out what the heroes are up to since they won’t work alongside her.

Hero Killer issue #3 is currently available for purchase. If you like Hero Killer check out the other comics published by AAM-Markosia.

P.S. I got a sneak peak at issue #4 and it looks like our heroes are in for a tough ride. Stay tuned.

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