Mountain Dew – Dew-S-A Review

By | April 24, 2017

My affinity for carbonated beverages has been well chronicled. Don’t believe me? Check here, here, or here. Mtn Dew is, of course, my favorite pop, but my undying devotion for the green stuff has its share of drawbacks. Most notably, each time Pepsi Co. releases a new flavor, I am driven to try it. No matter the color, no matter the flavor, I’ll test it out. Unsurprisingly, this compulsion to sample can result in some fatigue.

I wasn’t looking for a new Mtn Dew to enter my life as I walked into my local Target, but there it was. It was immediate. It called out to me. Touch me! Try me! Taste me! It was the newest Dew flavor: Dew-S-A, Dew.S.A or DEWSA. The marketing geniuses played into two core aspects of my personality: patriotism and pop.

What is Dew-S-A?

Let me correct myself. Dew-S-A is not actually a new flavor. Instead, it is a combination of existing flavors.  I can’t speak to the proportions of Dew-S-A, but it combines Code Red (red), Voltage (blue), and Whiteout (white) to create the ultimate sign of patriotism: a delicious purple drink. These previously available varieties are mixed beautifully to create a product that is greater than the sum of its parts. I’m a Whiteout fan while Code Red and Voltage never really spoke to me.

What does Dew-S-A Taste Like?

Do you want to know what Dew-S-A tastes like? Okay. Here goes. Close your eyes and imagine that you mix together 2 parts Voltage, 1 part Whiteout, and 3 parts Code Red. That’s Dew-S-A, but don’t quote me on that because it is quite hard to differentiate the flavors of different pops when they are mixed together. The strongest component is definitely Code Red, though, as the spinoff’s signature flavor shines through on the back end of each sip.

Any Surprises?

This biggest shock of Dew-S-A had nothing to do with the flavor, the can design, or the name, it had to do with the calorie count. Somehow, in an act that defies science and religion, a 12 oz can of Dew-S-A comes in at 100 calories. That is a huge drop from the 170 calories weighting waiting for you inside of a standard Mtn Dew can.

What’s the difference? I don’t really know. My C+ in college chemistry only takes me so far when deciphering the ingredients. It seems that the new version replaces the much-maligned brominated vegetable oil with sucrose acetate isobutyrate. That doesn’t explain the calorie count, though.

If you’re like me, a little Googling around will lead you to “sucralose” as the culprit. For any other laypersons out there, sucralose is the chemical name for Splenda: the artificial sweetener.

Now, it is not my task to question the judgment of the wizards of Pepsi Co., but damn, just give me some sugar. Whether this can is 100 calories or 200 calories, I’m only having one (maybe two) per week. I’m a bigger fan of real ingredients that are bad for me rather than artificial ingredients that might be worse for me.

The Verdict

All in all, Mtn Dew Dew-S-A is a welcomed addition to the lineup. Aside from a few cautions, this patriotic pop will be a must have at events between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Can you imagine having a 4th of July party without Dew-S-A? Me neither.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives Mountain Dew: Dew-S-A 7.6 star-spangled banners out of 10.



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11 thoughts on “Mountain Dew – Dew-S-A Review

  1. Jared Walker

    I liked it until I noticed the calorie count. Now it seems to have a watered down and diet flavored sourness to it. While it does smell strongly of code red, I taste mostly voltage, and suspect equal parts of all three. At .99 for a 20oz bottle of all Mountain Dew flavors, I may just have to try making my own.

    1. Nick Ayres

      I bought the cans (didn’t see bottles anywhere) and my first reaction upon pouring it was “Wow… This stuff looks watered down.” I figured it was just the White Out that was making it so pale in color, but then I drank it and it really didn’t have much of a flavor to me. It’s not bad, but I was expecting more from Mountain Dew. It definitely seemed watered down to me.

      I then came online and found this article. I didn’t even notice the calorie count. As I continue drinking it, it still tastes pretty flavorless to me… Mostly just a strange, unidentifiable sweet taste, but I’m starting to think that could just be the sucralose. I’ve never liked sucralose, so I guess I have to at least praise them for hiding the flavor a bit more than other soft drinks do.

  2. Ian B

    I bought two twelve packs and instantly regretted it once I tried the first can and tasted the splenda. The artificial sweetener-blend with HFCS makes for a pithy combo and sends the flavor spiraling towards diet-awfulness. It’s weak, it’s flavor balance is off, and the cotton-mouth splenda aftertaste is terrible. Pepsi would have been much better served to simply sell 12-packs that had 4 cans of each flavor, instead of neutering them into one can with splenda.

  3. Ty

    Take note on the ingredient list that along with sucralose, there is also something called “acesulfame potassium,” which is another artificial sweetener that gives everything a “diet” taste.

    If you’ve tried the most recent release of Game Fuel and thought something tasted off, those two sweeteners are the culprits. They’ve also added them into both the Green and White Labels that recently came out, but they’re not in the Black Label that came out before.

    I just don’t get the reasoning behind adding it into DewSA. Take three sodas that already exist with only HFCS, mix them, then add in artificial sweeteners. Maybe they want you to buy all three separately and mix it yourself?

  4. K

    I definitely taste a lot of code red and voltage in it but almost no white out at all, ironically enough though, if anyone remembers Diet Mtn Dew Ultraviolet, this is pretty much that in a bottle or can, I don’t mind the taste because I’m used to sucralose and I used to drink Diet Dew Ultraviolet. I also taste Diet Dew Code Red in it instead of actual code red (another long gone diet dew flavor).

    1. E.L. Patterson Post author

      That’s an interesting thought. I usually steer clear of the diet options, but with the inclusion of other sweeteners, it makes sense that this would taste more like diet options.

  5. Morr'gán Vladys Rowlings

    Keep it coming we must never run out of this Water of Life!

  6. Megan

    I’m so sad this wonderful lower calorie patriotic Mt. Dew is gone already! Guess there’s always next summer!


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