A Zima Drink, Jolly Ranchers, & High School Parties

By | June 20, 2017

Zima Label

Remember the good old days when everyone at the high school party was waiting for Zack’s older brother to show up with the Zima? As the minutes ticked by, you could tell that the party wasn’t as lit as it could be because that refreshing, citrusy beverage had yet to arrive. Rumors started to swirl that the brother got cold feet, or that he got busted on his way over to the party. The girls started to complain that all there was to drink was Mountain Dew, Bud Light and some half drunk bottle of someone’s dad’s whiskey that got swiped. The party was on the verge of a disaster, but then, showing up like a white knight was Zack’s older brother with the Zima. He got it! Which meant only one thing: it was time to crank up some Smashing Pumpkins and watch a VCR tape of Scream!

Zima Brings Back The 90’s Fashion Better Than A Choker Collar

Fast forward to 2017, and the 90’s are still alive and well thanks to the limited release of Zima. Oh sure, there are still some 90’s fashions that exist. For example, girls are sporting the choker collars again. Guys still lace up the Jordans. But, there isn’t a fashionable drink that says 90’s quite like the Big Z.

Not only is it fashionable, but it’s sure to take the edge off with it’s 5% alcohol content. And that it did my friends. I probably should have ate something before downing my first bottle of the stuff, but hey, you live and learn.

The Taste Brings Back Memories

Without a doubt the taste brings back memories. Not that I remember the taste, but all the good times that went along with downing a Z with some friends. Now I can see why people drop Jolly Ranchers or Skittles into the malt. It’s because the citrusy flavor is hinted at but not overpowering. In fact, you get a sweet orange/lemon/lime taste initially, but it quickly dissipates into a watery aftertaste.

I dropped a cinnamon flavored Jolly Rancher into mine to spice things up a bit. The result was somewhat similar to a less potent shot of Fireball. I think I’m going to dump a bunch of Skittles into my next bottle.

Should Zima Return For Good?

I’ll say this: if you are looking for an adult beverage that packs an alcoholic punch that you can have fun with by mixing all kinds of candy with, then Zima is for you.  No wonder it’s the life of the party? Consume Review Repeat gives Zima an 8 out of 10 high school house parties that ended with the cops showing up and me running into the woods.

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