The Lightning Bug – Iced Mocha Review

By | June 27, 2017

You’ve waited all week for this.

Friday night is here, and you start working out your Saturday schedule.

  1. Sleep in longer than you ever have.
  2. Stare blindly at your phone.
  3. Fall back asleep.
  4. Have a stellar cup of coffee.
  5. Start the day.

The Saturday plans are coming together nicely until the wife reminds you, “Don’t forget about that birthday party tomorrow morning.” Cue the sound of screeching tires as you put the brakes on your fantasy.

That’s right. Another birthday party is standing in the way of your dream schedule. One by one the agenda falls by the wayside.

  1. Sleep in longer than you ever have
  2. Stare blindly at your phone.
  3. Fall back asleep.
  4. Have a stellar cup of coffee.

You’re about to cross out number 4, when you ask, “Where’s the party at?”

“Lightning Bug!”

Stop revising your list because stellar coffee can be had at this children’s party hot spot. In what I can only imagine is an attempt to cater to parents as well as kids, Lightning Bug has a full espresso bar outfitted with beans ground on-demand and an espresso machine that puts your local coffee shop to shame. Lattes, Macchiatos, Americanos, other coffees, and teas, The Lightning Bug will brew whatever creation you need.

So how does it taste?

My small iced mocha was surprisingly good and just what I needed to keep up with the kids through laser tag, mini golf, arcade games, and all the other Lightning Bug attractions. Well balanced, the mocha was strong and not-too-sweet. This drink could complete with any coffee shop.


So what’s the problem?

The problem I have is a minor piece of preference and some constructive feedback. The drinks presentation was terrible. My mocha came in a small, white styrofoam cup with a lid. I was handed a bendy straw to drink from. Really, Lightning Bug? Putting such a good drink in such a shabby container dropped the perceived value of the beverage. It’s like putting premium gas in a wrecked car at the junkyard.

At $3.66, this drink is not cheap but the presentation was.

With a nicer container, I would be willing to stop into Lightning Bug just for the espresso bar and leave the kids in the car. With no change, I’ll order again, but only when I’m there with the fam.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives the iced mocha at Lightning Bug 8.5 caffeinated dads out of 10, but the cups receive a 1.5 disappointed dads out of 10.


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