Thanks To Patrick Gleason, There Is A New Wonder Woman

By | July 21, 2017

Wonder Woman

Is Lois Lane going to be the new Wonder Woman of the DCU? That’s the question everybody is asking after seeing artist Patrick Gleason’s latest tweet. It looks like Lois is trading in her business attire and press pass for an armor-plated suit and a spear. That’s right, the wordsmith known for rooting out corruption in her articles published at the Daily Planet is ready to do combat against some formidable foes. Girl power nation rejoice, because this isn’t your mother’s damsel-in-distress Lois Lane. This Lois is more of a cross between Captain Phasma and an Amazonian warrior, with a touch of attitude.

Man Of Steel, Meet Your Match

Recently, DC Comics artist Patrick Gleason tweeted out a jaw-dropping sketch of Lois Lane like you’ve never seen her before. Patrick even commented in his tweet that his wife gave him a strong punch in the shoulder letting him know that he nailed it with his design. (Read more here).

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