Get Your Barf Bag Ready, ‘Walking Dead’ Creator Wrote Disgusting Marvel Comic

By | August 2, 2017

Marvel Zombies Wallpaper

Fans of the undead are eagerly awaiting the return of Rick Grimes to the small screen. Unfortunately for them, they’ll have to wait several months until Season 8 of The Walking Dead starts. “Walker fans” can’t even get their zombie fix with Fear The Walking Dead because it’s currently on hiatus. What’s this all mean? It means that fans of The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, are going to be aimlessly roaming your neighborhood like a horde of zombies since they have nothing to watch.

If you are one of those fans looking to sink your teeth into something created by Robert Kirkman, you might be surprised to know that before the success of The Walking Dead Robert wrote a comic for Marvel called Marvel Zombies. (Continue reading here).

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