The Walking Dead: Did Rick & Negan Meet Before The Zombie Apocalypse?

By | August 26, 2017
Rick Grimes vs Negan

Rick Grimes vs Negan

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman knows how to deliver a pulse-pounding story that leaves fans drooling for more. No matter how many times Kirkman pulls at our heartstrings — or rips them out of our chest — we keep coming back for more. Why is that? It’s partially due to our attraction to Kirkman’s characters and their intriguing journeys.

Without a doubt two of the biggest characters in The Walking Dead are Rick Grimes and Negan. In one corner you have the grizzled sheriff that has experienced more horror than imaginable. In the other corner you have the guy that likes to bring the horror by swinging a Louisville slugger. It would appear that these two men were destined to be at odds; however, a recent storyline might have suggest otherwise. (Continue reading here).

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