‘No Romance’ Is A Hilarious And True Look At Dating

By | September 12, 2017

No Romance [Credit: Markosia]


Ever wonder what single guys talk about after they get a few drinks in them? Would you like to take a peek into their minds so that you can better understanding them? Well, look no further. Tony McDougall (comic book lover and author of Hero Killer) decided to do the impossible: explain what makes guys tick, and why they find the dating game to be a challenge. Think of: How I Met Your Mother combined with The Man Show and you’d be close to the premise of No Romance.

I don’t usually laugh out loud while reading a comic but this one caused me to do just that several times over. Delivering humor through the pages of a comic is no easy task. A big tip of the cap to Tony and Rhoda Villegas (artist) for delivering a fun read that’s infused with humor. Rhoda’s big-eyed characters are full of emotional detail that bring life (and humor) to the pages of No Romance. 

By far, my favorite character of the series so far is Jon. At the beginning of the series, he’s ready to give up dating and just stick to watching porn. Over the course of the comic, Jon encounters a situation (that I won’t spoil) that shows Jon that there is more to relationships than just an enjoyable night in the sack. Also, relatable is Jon’s friend, Dave. Dave is in search of the right girl by filtering through them on a dating site. Hilarity ensues as Dave discovers the variety of girls that can be found on the net.

Overall, No Romance published by Markosia is a great slice-of-life comic that is full of humor and romance. Check it out when it releases on ComiXology on September 20th!

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