Sound Accessories of the Year – 2017

By | December 7, 2017

I listen to a ton of music – almost constant music in fact, so I need the right accessories to enjoy my tunes. I’ve got headphones, earbuds, FM transmitters, bluetooth receivers, turntables, speakers, wifi speakers, and voice recognition speakers. Did I mention I like music?

These are my favorite audio products of the year:


Plantronics Backbeat Fit – Favorite Sports Headphones

When my powerbeats2 broke in half, I needed a solid replacement for my outdoor runs. Comfort, a secure fit, and decent battery life were must-haves. I bought the powerbeats 3s, a jaybird offering, and the plantronics on the same day from BestBuy. The powerbeats were less comfortable than the previous version, and their poor track record of water resistance had me worried. The jaybirds, with their winged design were breaking my softy ears.

The plantronics were basically a shot-in-the-dark. The company that I never heard of offered the only set that delivered all of my must-haves. They are super light, comfortable yet secure, and provide a decent battery life that updates the status each time you power on. Bonus: they sound great and pair with my Apple Watch effortlessly.

Don’t ignore the plantronics for an active headphone. These bluetooth beauties will not let you down.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives the Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones 8.4 miles out of 10.


Beats Solo 3 – Favorite Headphone

I loved the plantronics, but sitting at home with them on would look ridiculous. As my trusty MEE headphones began showing their wear, I needed a replacement. I tried the Airpods thinking these beauties could replace all my headphones, but every slight turn of the head resulted in my crawling around on all fours looking for my lost bud. They were out.

The Bose offerings tend towards an over-the-ear design with noise cancellation. As a parent, I can’t totally block the outside world because chances are decent the ladies of the house could need their dad’s attention.

I snagged a killer deal on the Beats Solo 3 and ordered on a whim. The matte black and the foldable designed were immediately appealing to my eyeballs, and the sound was stellar for my ear holes.

The easy set up with the W1 chip took seconds. The secure fit grabs my head, which makes bending and moving around a nonissue. Bonus: Battery life that lasts a month.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives the Beats Solo 3s 8.8 sick Beats out of 10.


Sonos Play:1

Truth be told, I’ve only had this product for about 5 hours. It was a post-Black Friday deal I could not refuse from In the wake of the HomePod delay, I was left longing for solid sound in my house. Welcome home Sonos Play:1.

The set up was ridiculously easy, only made difficult by my inability to recall my Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, Slacker Radio, Spotify, and SiriusXM passwords. Luckily, I entered them all and even paired the device with my Amazon dot.

Let me say this: Every positive thing you have heard about the sound Sonos produces is true. One speaker blows away every other bluetooth speaker I’ve ever had. I’m sure further experimentation will only confirm what early testing shows. Sonos rocks.

The Alexa integration is my only gripe. It is a bit cumbersome, and without the proper commands, the songs play through the dot rather than the Sonos. Perhaps it only requires a bit of practice on my part or a slight software update later on.

Consume.Review.Repeat. gives the Sonos Play:1 9.7 delayed HomePods out of 10.

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