Novotny’s – A Contractor-Grade Pizza

By | December 18, 2018

For every western Pennsylvania family with a house, finishing your basement is a rite of passage – one full of great stress, tension, and expense. From the flooring to the wall color to the TV location, every decision matters and drastically affects timelines and costs.

Getting good contractors and subcontractors (you know, ones that actually show up to your house) is another challenge, so when you land good ones, you’ve got to treat them right and keep them happy. What’s the secret to happy contractors? Novotny’s Pizza, of course.

On the first day of work, after a morning filled with a flurry of pounding and sawing beneath my feet, the guys downstairs needed a recommendation for a good pizza. Coming from Mars and Eau Claire, these guys were surely out of their element and unfamiliar with the local offerings.

I told them we had access to a few chains who can produce a consistent pie, but if they wanted the good stuff, they needed to check out Novotny’s in downtown Saxonburg where everything is stellar. Cheese pizza – awesome. Pepperoni – wonderful with the thick cut. Salads and sandwiches. There’s not a bad thing on the menu.

Now, these guys have seen their way through a job site pizza or two, and I knew the ordinary fare just wouldn’t do. They needed the highest quality – the best of the best/ the creme de la creme – Novotny’s BBQ Steak and Bacon.

This pizza is everything a gourmet pizza needs to be. That crispy, chewy Novotny’s crust covered with a ranch sauce, plenty of melted mozzarella, crumbled bacon, shaved steak, and a BBQ sauce drizzle. It’s overwhelmingly good, and despite the decadent toppings, it’s not too heavy, which ensures the guys wouldn’t fall into an afternoon carb coma.

After a few clicks on the Slice app the pizza order was in, being prepared, and later delivered to the sliding glass door for the guys to enjoy. I knew that I could head to work confident that they would not starve, and me picking up the tab was a message to the guys saying, “Please come back tomorrow.”

Coming home that evening, I wasn’t concerned with how much work was done or my wife’s decisions on the barn door versus standard door debate. I only cared about the pizza.

Did they like it? How much did they eat? Would they get it again?

Certainly, the praise for Novotny’s BBQ steak and bacon was unanimous. It was the best pizza they ever had. Even better, they saved a few slices for me.

The moral of the story is: If you want to make your next home improvement project go as smoothly as possible order Novotny’s early and order Novotny’s often. Contractors love Novotny’s.

The contractors give Novotny’s 9.7 severed fingers out of 10.

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